Horizon: Zero Dawn Has A Walking Robotic Treasure Chest

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It'd be a bit weird if the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn was just littered with treasure chests. Levelling up and finding new crafting materials is an important part of the game's mechanic, but treasure chests don't really fit with a prehistoric/post-apocalyptic world filled with robots.

But a robot with a chest on its back? Sure, that works.

Guerilla Games spoke about the walking robotic treasure chest a little in a new video uploaded by Sony this morning. Mathijs De Jonge, Horizon's game director, noted that they were looking for "different opportunities for the player in terms of there should be an enemy or machine that has a lot of loot on them".

"The shellwalker is basically a walking treasure chest," he explained.

So amidst all of these possessed creatures, there's also the robotic version of the treasure chest from Discworld.

The video also showed off the Snapmaw, which for all intents and purposes is a crocodile. The player needed a challenge "in that environment", which makes sense.

But you can't have all those challenges without a suitable reward. And even though this might be a weird techno prehistoric post-apocalyptic setting, a walking treasure chest is still the main way to reward someone.


    I really hope this game is as awesome as it looks.

      Pretty hyped, and pending reviews, I'll be grabbing a PS4 mostly for this. Have mostly been regretting my XB1 since getting it.

        Seemed to me that the XBone was Forza, Tomb Raider, Gears of War and Halo. Will you get the Pro or go as cheap as possible for a unit?

          Will wait for reviews and see how much getting the base models gimps me. As for XB1 the main problem is the console itself. Mines really slow (1 min+ boot time) and it constantly fails to log in. My old 360 is much faster and has no issue. I've also got a great PC so I've been playing that more than anything else

          Last edited 21/10/16 10:51 am

    ...there’s also the robotic version of the treasure chest from Discworld.That was my first thought when I saw the headline.

      Except it doesn't look anything like Discworld's Luggage

      Last edited 20/10/16 2:48 pm

    I've got the Pro and 4K HDR TV ready to go.

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