Watch Us Play Battlefield 1 Now

Image: EA/DICE

If were excited enough to fork out more than $100-plus for the special editions of Battlefield 1, you'll be able to play Battlefield 1 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One today.

For everyone else, the game comes out on Friday. And if you want to know how it's going to play and how it'll hold up on release, you can see for yourself — because we're playing right now.

Update: We've finished, but you can rewatch the first few missions of the campaign, as well as some Conquest, Rush, and War Pigeons gameplay on local servers below.

I'll be playing for an hour or so on the PC version of the game, thanks to a code supplied by EA. I'll spend about half of the time going through the singleplayer campaign, and the other half checking out the multiplayer servers. We won't have any audio commentary or cameras to mess up the feed, so you can get a pretty good idea of what the experience will be like if you were playing at home.

But if you have any questions or things you'd like to see, you can let me know in the comments or the Twitch chat and I'll happily accommodate.

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What would you like to see most from Battlefield 1?


    It launched 10pm AEST on Monday for the early enlister edition.

    ... why are the treads on that tank glittering? Did you drive through the WW1 equivalent of mardis gras before I started watching?

    I like how the horse just happily stands still while bullets fly around it.

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