What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I know the Skyrim Special Edition is coming out today. But I'm currently in the middle of two shooter campaigns, and given that one has massive giant mechs I feel kind of compelled to finish them off.

I'm talking, of course, about Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. I'm currently only playing Titanfall 2 on PS4, but I'm increasingly tempted to get it on PC just for the ease of movement.

There's also the part where I just want to keep acing that damn obstacle course over and over again. I don't think I'll be able to nail 25 seconds on a controller, but I reckon I might have a shot with a mouse and keyboard.

Besides that, it's Halloween! There's going to be some festivities over the weekend, and I'll make my appearance at some of those.

What are you playing this weekend? And is Halloween factoring into it at all?


    Hopefully Titanfall 2 but I'm going to be out late tonight, cleaning tomorrow, and hosting a Halloween party tomorrow night. So maybe I'll get to play a few minutes late Sunday afternoon?

    Grinding Overwatch skins on PS4.

    Grinding vocaloid friendships on PS Vita.

    I only appreciate Halloween as an observer - I don't get into it myself.

    My wife and child are interstate until Wednesday and I have Monday and Tuesday off...so Titanfall 2 for the next 4 days :D

    I also picked up Skyrim SE, for those times when I need to chill for a bit.

    All the Skyrims. Nonstop Skyrim. Nothing but Skyrim.

    Titanfall 2. The game is refreshing. The SP is very Half-Life esque, and the freedom of movement makes many other games that tried to implement wall running and jumppacks wince at how shit they are.

    I think I am set for Skyrim. If I uninstall the piddly mods I use (there's nothing too major I think) and save my game, can I copy and paste that file no worries into Special Edition?

    More Paper Mario Color Splash of course. It's really good.

    Dark Souls 3. I need to pick up where I left off (Twin Princes) and explore the DLC.

    How am I supposed to beat the Twin Princes?

    Actually, I'm quite looking forward to playing DB: Xenoverse 2 and maybe some more Civ VI

    What little gaming time I get this weekend will be devoted to BF1.

    Wont get much gaming time but have got mates around for the LoL Final on Sunday.

    Xenoverse 2... probably some Destiny, and continuing looking for Riddler puzzles in Arkham VR.

    More BF1 multi, TF2 SP and MP, and if hopefulyl squeeze some World of Final Fantasy in on Vita. Got next week off which should help me get some plentiful gaming done.

    Nothing much?
    Kind over the fools in World of Tanks and can't pick up Eve Valkyrie until next week... Maybe some Xcom 2? Or just watching season 2 of Rick and Morty on Netflix...
    So many good games out right now and I am not getting any of that action...

    Skyrim, Dragon Quest VII & possibly some Rise of the Tombraider.

    Got a 4 day weekend but won't get to the PS4 until sunday night which will be knocking off the BF1 Campaign (actually really good) and then onto finding my boots n straps in MP.

    Dragonball Xenoverse 2

    Also Gundam Breakers 3 as I bought that the other day.

    Also hope to sink more time into Eve Valkyrie and Batman VR

    I've also got a whole week off work so should get a bunch of games completed.....

    Funny. I actually picked Titanfall 2 up on Xbone 'cause I have Titanfall on PC and Xbone and I find it easier to move with the controller. Easier to shoot with the mouse and keyboard but movement with the controller just feels more fluid. Guess it's just me.

    On the 30 minutes I have free this weekend I'll be getting in a quick game of Titanfall 2. Battlefield 1 can wait. I've already played it enough to get all the way to level 3 so I think it's time to take a break.

    After putting it off for too long I finally finished Darkest Dungeon. Now I gotta find something to replace it with.

    Still also playing Overwatch competitive mode, even if the playerbase is causing me to rip out my hair.

    I haven't really bought any new games since I'm trying to save up for AUS PAX next week.

      Keep an eye out for Laura Dale while you are there. She is apparently going to PAX Aus as well.

    Wife's dad is visiting this weekend, so not sure how anti-social I'm allowed to be. When I am gaming it'll probably be WoW. Got a few days of gametime left and then I might look at something to play off my steam list. Add me on Steam lads, same name as here. Got Sunkern as my DP.

    Was on the fence at first but then Titanfall 2 said NO to season passes Picked it up for 59 from cdkeys so "prepare for titanfall"!!!

    World of Final Fantasy plus on the final chapter of the awesome dragon quest builders

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