Won't Someone Think Of The Children: The Video Game

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As a parent fresh from the horrors of a long weekend, I relate to this video game so hard.

It was made by Adric "Tyrienous" Polkinghorne and his team at a Brisbane Game Jam.

The Jam literally took place over the weekend. This video game is hot off the presses people.

The high concept: you are a parent on a picnic. You must ensure the survival of your children. There are speeding vehicles, dingos and bodies of water to contend with. I swear to God this video game is my life. My oldest son tried to adopt a cockroach yesterday and I caught my youngest trying to eat a rock. This game is too real.

Think Of The Children is the game's official name. It's a Game Jam game, but like many made in that tumultuous environment, the developers are hoping to work on it some more, polish things up a bit and actually release the game for real.

It actually looks like a lot of fun, so I'd say this is a decent plan.

You can follow the game's development on its newly created Facebook page.


    "This game is too real."
    Does that include the part where you're too busy putting out fires to mourn the loss of your child to vehicular manslaughter?

    Plz add a button that pointlessly calls out to the child to "come back!", "Don't do that!", "Watch out for the car!" that alters the kids behaviours in no way.

      Dev here (I'm one of TotC's programmers)! You might be pleased to hear that a mechanic similar to that is already implemented! Holding the right trigger plays a number of shouts ("Oy! Get over here!" "Stop that!") that makes kids in a small radius run away from you. It's a good way of getting them out of danger if you can't get there in time.
      Stay tuned for updates on development!

    These guys did a great job and won People's Choice. You can check out the entire story of this jam, the 48hr Game Making Challenge 2016, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpjo1T6BiLY&list=PLfcCQNzF0crWxA2xqqkC9Yq1udn-nZtVc

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