Console Overwatch Player Hilariously Proves PC Elitists Wrong

Console Overwatch Player Hilariously Proves PC Elitists Wrong

Two months ago, YouTuber DSPStanky uploaded a video where they wrecked everyone as Lucio. We’re talking, literal dancing around opponents. One of the most common responses at the time was basically “you’d never be able to do this on PC”.

DSPStanky took this response as a challenge, and started playing Overwatch on PC seriously. DSPStanky climbed the ranks, got good and started facing off against some of the best players that platform had to offer. Guess what? Not only was DSPStanky able to run circles around these people too, the player found plenty of shitty, scrub-tier tactics on PC as well:

Appropriately, the follow-up video chronicling DSPStanky‘s 50 hour solo queue ascent to 4k+ SR is named “Vindication”. My favourite part was seeing the awe and praise that enemies showered on Lucio for being so good:

Damn, son.

For those of you looking for some tips on how to get this good, DSPStanky notes that they were playing at 10 sensitivity, and that swapping between healing and speed can help because:

You can more precisely control your wall jumps by switching to heals before jumping off a wall since it’s slows you down. You can also make yourself harder to hit by switching back and forth at the right times to make it harder for people to get used to your rhythm. It also allows you to squeeze out every last drop of healing while still maintaining your speed.

The responses to this follow-up are funny, too:


  • Just goes to show you that you only need 2 brain cells for this trash. Along with another example of blizzard still being the worst gaming company when it comes to balance.

  • it really doesn’t – PC Elitists refer to the fact you are playing with a gamepad not keyboard and mouse..
    if he had done this with a ps4/xbox pad then yes. he would have proved them wrong but instead he proved nothing other than he now joined the pc elitists.

    • You missed the point. He did it on console first, got told he couldn’t do it on PC because players are more skilled and aim with mouse is faster etc.

      Now he’s also done it on PC.

      • i’m not missing the point. when someone says that they literally mean you can’t do that against a pc gamer. being a console gamer you must use a game pad.. not a mouse and keyboard.
        all we’ve gained from this is a good gamer is good on any platform.

    • this.

      headline makes it sound like he beat pc players with a console controller.
      secondly its obvious he was playing noobs.

  • It’s worth mentioning that he did this during the free to play weekend where tens (possibly hundreds?) of thousands of newbies started playing. It was an absolute slaughter fest last weekend.

    & Then there’s the obvious fact about Lucio taking very little skill to play anyway… His weapons aren’t hitscan so you don’t have to really even aim much – just spray and pray in their general direction. His knockback takes even less skill considering it’s an area of effect attack and can’t be countered & then all his support buffs/shields are AoE as well with a LOS of 30 meters…

    I’m not saying he’s bad at the game or anything but Lucio is a pretty easy character to play … Especially against new players on a free weekend.

    He hasn’t really displayed any sense of outlying skill to make this video noteworthy in any way. If he did it with a character that has to aim and kill people, I’d actually be impressed.
    Had this been “went from console only to dominating as Widowmaker or McCree on PC” then this might have been interesting.

    His gameplay is basically just not dying lol

  • I sold my PS4 and bought a GTX 1070 an have not looked back. i have an wireless Xbone controller that i use all the time Witcher 3, Doom, COD IW, Overwatch. GTA V. GOW4 Forza H3. i have to say there are only a few games i play with keyboard and mouse Civ 5 and most RTS

    • Why did you get an Xbox One controller instead of a PS4 controller if you switched from PS4. I also gave up on 8th gen went back to PS3 and PC and Wii (yes fucking Wii) even though I prefer Xbox controllers and use an Xbone how did you adapt that quick I also switched from PS4 but had a 360 before so I got an Xbone controller. What are your specs BTW I also got a 1070 myself

  • Lol, look at half of you – still salty af.

    “Oh but lucio is easy” “Oh but he did this free weekend” “Lol he was clearly playing against noobs” “Just goes to show how easy lucio is”

    He did this in ranked. Against people with 4k skill rating. The amount of salt is incredible.

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