Fan-Made DOOM Platformer 'MiniDOOM' Is Free To Download

Looking for something to do with your Sunday afternoon? MiniDOOM, a 2D platformer and "parody game" based on the original DOOM, might very well hit the spot. Completely free and a minuscule download at 11MB, there's really no reason not to try it.

Created by Calavera Studio — comprised of brothers Juan Carlos and Felipe Porcel — MiniDOOM is more of a lesson in games development than a full-blown independent release, going by the pair's website:

MiniDOOM is very short parody game based on the classic game DOOM 1. We created it as part of a game programming course we gave over here to show how to make a simple platformer on GameMaker Studio.

I'm not sure of the legal ramifications, but id Software is usually pretty good about this sort of thing. That said, I'd play it sooner rather than later, if you're keen.

MiniDOOM [Calavera Studio]


    Honestly, if I were them I'd approach ID and ask them for their support in making it and releasing it for free with their endorsement as a 'celebration' of Doom. Those guys are generally *very* supportive of projects associated with Doom as long as money doesn't change hands.

    Any moment now I feel like this will get pulled. Like No Mario's Sky.

    I remember making something similar way back around 2000, just for some fun among friends at SGL. No original art like this one though, all the visuals were taken directly from the original Doom WAD files.

    No crouching though! Doom marine couldn't crouch or jump, that's cheating.

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