Off Topic: Hair

Off Topic: Hair

So as anyone who said hello to me at PAX over the weekend will have immediately seen, I have next to no fucking clue when it comes to my hair. Besides washing it, obviously.

But this week’s off topic isn’t about that so much. I’m intrigued by what you do to yours.

We have quite a few fashion writers in our office, and a few fashion-aligned websites. And every now and again, the topic of hair comes up: how to maintain it, how to style it, what colour it should be, what colour it was, and what cut you should get.

How much do you spend on a haircut? Do you change it up often? And what’s the most adventurous you’ve been with those strands atop your crown?


  • Ten bucks from my barber of the last five years or so. Buzzed to number 3, includes a beard-trim and a good chat. Repeat, every 2-3 weeks.

    Roll out of bed in the morning with hair already primed to face the day if you have to. No such thing as bed-head.

    I’ve got more than a smattering of grey hairs starting to lengthen on the sides now, so I’m looking forward to that lending a novel but dignified two-tone variety to my style.

  • just watch Peaky Blinders and you’ll get an idea. It’s probably a bit after the trend now though, but it suits my head shape so I’ll probably stick to the same for a while yet.

  • For ages I just shaved my head. For the last couple of years I’ve been going to a hipster barber, though. I get a good haircut and the self-esteem boost that comes with it, but I don’t know how to maintain it so it’s usually pretty short lived. Just shaved my head again this week, though. I’m enjoying not giving too much of a damn about it.

  • Firmly in the no poo camp. Used to have horrendous dandruff and greasy hair no matter what I did. The only shampoo that helped was that awful tar stuff which gives you thick greasy hair.

    I haven’t shampoo’d for over a year now, looks better, styles better, feels better, no dandruff. I got some flat styling brush from the barber that looks kind of like a plastic dog brush, use that to give it a scrub under hot water and done.

    As far as styling, barber once a month, 2 sides with a trim on top. After a shower I’ll towel dry, 30 seconds with the hairdryer, some uppercut featherweight, quick brush and hit with the dryer, some uppercut pomade, another quick brush and hairdyer, finish. 2 mins max.

    I used to have super short hair, but realised as I got older it wasn’t going away like most guys around me, so figured I’d try something new. Plus when I started riding a motorbike daily I worked out with short hair you’re always going to have a head that looks like a mongrel street dogs fur at your destination, a little longer and it’s far easier to keep styled.

  • Had a normal haircut through high school. Let it grow through uni – was long. Then it was thinning. Been shaving it since my mid-twenties. Now I just let the beard grow when I want to scare people.

  • Straight razor shave on on the back and sides, left long on top. Slick it to the back/side with pomade.

    Yes, I’m fully aware I’m a dirty, dirty hipster.

  • Some good shaving soap and a good double edged safety razor every few days. The beard on the other hand, the occasional brush and it’s good to go.

  • I wash my hair 1-2 times a week at the most. If you have curly hair and wash it every day, stop doing that. Or just wash it with water, or only use a light conditioner. Shampoo does bad things to curly hair and since I worked that out, mine’s been much easier to work with. Also, I’ve spent the last decade learning how to set my hair in rollers. Straightening it rarely looks good and never stays for long. But an overnight wet set with foam rollers? That style can last for days ^_^

    At the moment mine is super short and while getting the trims is a pain, it’s so much easier to live with than when it’s longer. And it still looks good with a rockabilly scarf.

  • Had hair down to my shoulders at one point. Then shaved it for a metal concert and never looked back.

  • I had mohawks for years. Pretty much every colour of the rainbow. Then half black/half pink spikes. Now I have an extremely noticeable bald patch emerging so I just shave my head to a number 3, let it grow out then shave it again. Haven’t paid for a haircut in over 15 years.

  • Wash my hair every few days, conditioner every time it gets wet (every few days preferably) same with my beard. Hair has grown out past my shoulders, so I just tie my fringe back and look like Thor.

  • Wash it and that is about it, i have curly hair so anything i do just makes it frizzy. Imagine Bob Ross’ (the painters) hair and that is me.

    Looks like a birds nest at the moment and that is without my dog putting sticks and weird plant material in it when he lays near me in bed.

  • Cut short and easy to style
    Let it grow until it gets in my eyes during windy days and annoys me
    So back and get it cut short again
    Cheap shampoo and conditioner each day and no product/dye/gel/junk in it

  • What hair? ;_;

    The frequency of my cuts has slowly increased over the years, from once every two months to once a month to once a fortnight to once a week if I really want to keep looking decent. Also the shortness of the cut has decreased too, I was using the 4mm setting on my shaver when I first got it but as the hair got thinner and thinner a move to zero became necessary. RIP.

    The beard gets fairly neglected, especially since I became indecisive about getting rid of it and stopped using beard oil because I didn’t know if I’d need the rest of it or not.

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