Unsurprisingly, everyone and their dog picked up the Hitman barcode pretty quickly. I figured people might have, but it's always fun to pull something out that people recognise quickly.

Let's see if this game is as immediately recognisable.

Good luck!


    I'm sitting here with the answer on the tip of my brain. It looks so familiar, but I just can't think of where I know it from... It does remind me of one of the special bars in the Street Fighter/Marvel/Capcom/etc. series, though.

      Yeah, I'm the same. I was thinking Marvel VS Capcom initially, I have definitely seen this type of bar before. Might be from a beat-em-up rather than a fighter though, not sure.

    I swear I know this one.

    It's not Hi-Octane, but that's the only guess I've got that comes close right now.

    Looks like the business end of a hockey stick. NHL 2001?

    The thrust meter in Wipeout 2097 for Playstation.

    As others have pointed out, definitely Wipeout.

    The game that is; not what happens when one falls off the surf board trying to impress the beach babe/dude, :-P

    Last edited 24/11/16 1:25 pm

      ... or when playing California Games on the Sega

      Or the awful, awful coconut liquer that did the same thing to my memories at Leavers many many years ago

    I think its a racing game from the MEga Drive ERa.

    recognised it when i saw it, just couldnt pin it to a game. but once i read 'wipeout' i couldnt agree more.

    Wipeout maybe. But it looks like the level up bar in Titanfall 2

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