The Big Question: The PS4 Pro

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This time tomorrow, people will be picking up or trading in their existing consoles for a PS4 Pro.

Question is: will that be you, either now or later this year?

One of the aspects of the original PS4 that is making the PS4 Pro an increasingly attractive acquisition is just how bloody loud it is. Whenever a disc is spinning up and the console is firing on all cylinders, the sound is absurd.

It's also starting to become clearer what kind of benefits the PS4 Pro will have for those not with 4K displays. It's looking like a case of either 1080p with supersampling, or 1080p at 60fps. That won't be the case for every game, but having more options will always, always trump having less.

I think people would feel a little better if that sort of thing was codified, though. If there was some kind of guarantee that people knew they would always get X or Y if they didn't have a 4K screen, they'd probably feel more secure in upgrading. But that's down on the developers and how they want to use the PS4 Pro's beefier hardware.

So where do you stand? PS4 Pro or No?


    Yes, but only because I don't have a PS4 of any variety so when I do pick one up I may as well get the upgraded model.

      Me too. I was gonna buy a PS4 last year but then the Pro rumors had started so I decided I will wait till early 2017. I have a huge backlog of games to play on xbone anyway.

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    The only reason I'd buy it would be to use as a 4k video player, but it doesnt do that sooooo... I'll wait for Scorpio unless my current ps4 dies. If my current x1 dies I'll grab an x1s to tide me over, at least that has a UHD Bluray player.

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    Yeah already traded in the old console towards it.

      How much is it with the trade in if you don't mind me asking?

        $349 when you trade a 500GB and any 1 PS4 game i think

        $349 if you trade in a PS4 and 1 PS4 game at eb games. They currently have a VIP trade in deal where any additional software is 50% trade credit plus whatever you have as an eb member (so for me it was 50% + 15%)
        I traded in the PS4 plus a Kinect, FIFA 15, metal gear 5, and assassins creed (PS3) and got the pro for $195. The extra trade credit runs out today though

    I'm hoping the more powerful box will make it easier to use PSVR without feeling sick

      You can build up a tolerance to the simulation sickness if you play more. The trick is to stop and do something else for a few hours the instant you start feeling sick and not try and push past it.

    I was debating whether to trade in my PS4 for a Pro or keep it but then my PS4 HDMI port died so trading is no longer an option. Well timed I guess lol

    I'm getting it. Very excited. Can't wait to try Falllout 4 or Skyrim or Battlefield 1 or .. or... Dishonored 2 or ... Rez Infinite or ... just a whole bunch of stuff that I love, really.

    I got a 2 tb hard drive waiting to go inside, usb stick with firmware, network cable, etc. I can re download TES Online for that native 4k experience! Except I can barely play that because I have no NBN yet. :/

    Don't care about UHD blu rays. I mean, physical media, what even is that?

    Edit: I have a launch PS4 console but it never sounds noisy. I guess it's a thing that doesn't happen to everyone. I did have the eject problem, and I fixed that with tape on the inside.

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      I think a lot of the PS4 launch version's noise came from poor placement of the machine resulting in poor air-flow, meaning that the internal fans had to kick it up a notch and work a lot harder. Quite a few of the guys were asking about noise and crashes/reboots early in its life-cycle and the simple advice of, "Put it somewhere where it can't build up heat," turned out to resolve most issues.

    I am going for it. Even though I dont have a 4K screen. I needed a new controller and bigger hard drive anyway. So with EB trade in price for a bit of extra money I get a little future proof, bit more speed/visual improvement in some of the games they have already listed. Im not totally convinced it will rock my world, nor am I expecting it to, just yet.

    Only if I need a new PS4. The extra grunt would be nice but it's not worth the cost, especially since my current machine works well enough.

    No. Have a PS4, don't have a 4K TV (yet). When I do get a 4K TV I might get a PS4 Pro, if they've put a UHD BD in it by then. Physical media is very important to me...

    Not much point right now. Now real games take advantage of the new hardware and doesnt have enough raw power to run 4K fully.

    Im waiting until Zero Dawn launches and hopefully see some side by side comparisons at 1080p. If it looks cleaner and sharper, ill be in then.

    I'm in - more graphics is always a good thing, especially on PSVR where it's sorely needed in some titles. Trading my PS4 in today, the TV cabinet will look a little empty tonight!

    I have a bunch of games I want to play; if the Pro ensures framerates will stay higher, I might not want to neck myself so much playing on a console :P.

    Yep, off to trade-in my launch PS4 today. Can't wait baby!

    No rush for me. I'm happy to wait a year or two for a slim version.

    I have no plans to trade in my PS4 for a Pro. I'll stick with what I have. I only purchased my PS4 18 months ago and it's still perfectly fine for playing PS4 games.

    Either much later in the year or earlier next year it might be worth switching to a 4K TV and picking up the Pro. Still unsure about trade-in or not, though. Kinda thinking I might pop the old PS4 and TV into the bedroom upstairs to use as a netflix/2nd screen machine.

      That's kind of what I'm thinking. The choice of decent 4K gaming TVs is pretty limited right now. The only one even remotely in my price range is the Samsung KS8000, which I'm not super-keen on. I think that next year will be much better for 4K/HDR televisions, and therefore better for PS4 Pro.

    Nope, My NES Mini is due tomorrow, so I'll be too busy playing through Super Mario Bros 3 again.

    I'm probably going to end up buying one, but it's not a must have upgrade so it'll be an impulse buy later down the track.

    Yes for PSVR and future proofing. Doing the EB Games trade in.

    Question is: will that be you, either now or later this year?

    Nope, lack of UHD drive is a deal breaker.

    When I need to upgrade I would look to upgrade to the Pro rather than a slim, but what I'm disappointed in is the fact that all the early reviews are only talking about 4k vs 1080p 60fps etc
    What about the enhancements to VR it was being touted to bring? I can imagine it does enhance, but how and by how much?!
    Everything I've read or watched has basically stated if you dont have a PS4 then sure - this is a great console for you, but if you have a PS4 already its only a minor upgrade especially if you dont have a 4k tv. The minor part being pretty much directed at the point that no game specifically tells you how its supporting the pro and what enhancements you could expect. The few titles that are enhanced arent worth playing through again for beautiful graphics.

    Bring out some big AA titles as launch titles for the Pro and we might understand how we will get the benefit from it but for now it seems like a purchase i wouldn't really benefit from untill a year or two anyway when devs are developing for the Pro and downscaling for the PS4...

    But still - anyone used the Pro with VR and been able to make a comparison?! I cant find one anywhere apart from people being demoed the pro with the VR and that isnt exactly like hooking up one after the other at home and noticing the difference

    I'm getting one because:
    - I own a 4K TV
    - I own a PSVR set
    - I have fast broadband that can stream 4K video
    - I live in the USA where it's only $400
    - I can sell my old one once I upgrade

    Even despite this, I've been reconsidering a bit. Will still get it in the end but the value prop isn't great. If they hadn't fucked up the PSVR (it doesn't forward a HDR signal? Really?) and if they had put 4K bluray support in (how can you *not* have that?) then it'd be a much easier sell for me.

    Have one on preorder, don't know if I'll pick it up.

    I don't have a 4K TV, but I'd still buy it if:

    - It had a 4K Blu Ray drive. At least I'm future proofed then.

    - It supported native 1440p. I have a 144Hz, 1440p monitor I use on my PC. If the Pro worked on that at least, I'd still see a pretty substantial benefit.

    I just got a samsung ku6000 for this, I will be trading my Ps4 in at EB. Stomaching a $350 upgrade isn't so bad.
    Skyrim in native 4k sounds great and apparently runs well plus greater foliage draw distance. Can't wait to play Tlou again too!

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