This Isn't Right, Pokemon Sun And Moon

To the left, you've got Wailord, as it appears in Pokemon Sun and Moon. To the right, you've got Wailord from the Pokemon anime. Notice a difference?

As Instagram user xeogran noted recently, Pokemon Sun and Moon does not capture the sheer magnificence that is Wailord. This Wailord is too small!

Sun and Moon are the first games in the main franchise which show trainers standing behind Pokemon in battle. While downscaling monsters to fit the screen is nothing new, looking at an 11-year-old stand tall against a creature based on a blue whale is silly. Wailord is supposed to be one of the biggest creatures in the entire game, ostensibly even a baby Wailord would be enormous next to a trainer. (According to Bulbapedia, Wailords are around 14.5m and can weigh around 398kg.)

Literally unplayable, Game Freak.

Reader @sirboulevard points out that Colosseum got it right when it displayed Wailords that would obscure nearly the entire screen:

Source: TPP


    Yes, let's ruin playability for correct anatomical sizing =/

      if youre going to put the trainer in then yeah, id say so - the trainer isnt necessary for combat as seen by EVERY OTHER POKEMON GAME so if theyre adding it for realism/aesthetics, should keep in mind the rest of the fictitious world that exists around it

        Except it wouldn't just be the player that is obscured, everything would be, including the opponent, which would make things a little difficult for players who recognise Pokémon by look as opposed to name

    "14.5m and can weigh around 398kg" - So, the game is closer than the anime?

      That was talking about a wailmer not wailord

    So unrealistic, has literally ruined the game about enslaved fighting monsters that shrink and live in tennis ball sized prisons in kid's pockets.

    Not what i was expecting this article to be about, although i am not sure what i actually was expecting.

    I thought the article was going to point out the trainer in the pic looks like they have a massive throbbing member.

    So sad that whale's beached so far inland.

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