Titanfall 2 Is Getting A Free Multiplayer Trial This Weekend

Image: Respawn/EA

If you haven't given Titanfall 2 a crack yet - and you absolutely should - then you can do so pretty soon for free this weekend.

Alas, you won't be able to play the singleplayer campaign since it's a multiplayer trial only. But beyond that, you'll get full access to "all maps, modes, weapons and more including brand new content" from the Angel City's Most Wanted DLC which launches on December 3.

There's no time limit on the trial, save for the fact that it comes to an end on December 4. If you're paying the monthly subscription for EA or Origin Access (or you got a 30-day free deal bundled with your console) you'll be able to access the trial today. For everyone else, the trial kicks off from December 2.

Neither the Titanfall 2 blog or the EA press release specify whether the dates are US-centric or a global thing, so you might have to wait until early tomorrow morning before this all kicks off. (Similarly, if we're working off a US-only date that would mean the trial would end early on December 5 for Australians.)

Either way, it's a good chance to jump in and see what Titanfall 2 is all about. The game's fun enough as is - it just needs more players. And seeing as everyone who participates in the multiplayer trial gets to mess around with those who already own the game, it's a neat little boost to the Titan population. That said, Battleborn tried the same thing earlier this year to no avail.


    Hell yeah! Be glad to see an influx of more players! I usually HATE multiplayer shooters, but I've got 50 hours in Titanfall 2 since release and I'm not even slightly bored. My favourite thing about the game is that even if you aren't good at shooters, there's all these little things you can do throughout the match that can still make you feel like a bad-arse. I find myself continuously saving clips of the last 30 seconds of gameplay just because of how many "Oh shit" moments I have while playing. Really great gameplay.

      Too right, I'm getting older now and my reactions are generally too slow to kill another pilot head to head unless I get the flank. However, in most modes I've found that by focus farming the AI mobs I end up as the first person in a titan which helps get an early lead. The titan on titan combat is more about positioning, combos and strategy which aren't reliant upon my reflexes. Fantastic game with a surprising amount of depth in the multiplayer.

    Couldn't recommend this game more. It's face paced and frantic, and a lot of fun.

    I really really hope this boosts sales. Its such a great game. The single campaign is fun and the multiplayer is as tight and epic as ever.

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