BoxBoy 3 Is Coming In 2017 (Also AMIIBO)

BoxBoy, the hero Nintendo's 2016 needed and star of our "best games of the year" list, will return on the 3DS in February (at least in Japan) with a third game in the series, called Goodbye! BoxBoy! And, more importantly, with BoxBoy Amiibo.

Above is the Amiibo. Below is the box that includes the game, a soundtrack and Amiibo, and god it's just so beautiful.

Here's some gameplay footage via NinEverything:


    God damn, I swore I'd only buy the Smash Bros Amiibos, but I loved the hell outta Boxboy...too much to hope he makes an appearnce in the next Smash?

    BoxBoy is one of my favourite platformers - I hope the name doesn't presage the end of the short series. As I understand it though it was a training ground for new Nintendo designers, so perhaps they've "graduated" now?

    Also can you reach out to Nintendo to get an Australian release date?

    Please Australia release! I've never gotten an Amiibo in my life but I would for BoxBoy.

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