Gifts For Lego Lovers Who Have All The Lego

Illustration by Sam Woolley The Lego lovers in your life probably aren't wanting for little plastic bricks. While adding to the pile is a quick and easy method for marking them off your gift list, why not show off your own creativity by thinking outside of the blocks?

Here is a selection of Lego gifts selected to inspire builders to new heights, or at the least show them how much you appreciate the passion they possess for their pastime.

A Book Of Ideas

A pile of bricks is nothing without a plan to bring them all together, and even the most gifted Lego designer can benefit from a fresh set of original designs. There are ton of Lego idea books out there, including the official Lego Ideas Book, which is so ubiquitous a blind gift purchase might be risky. For something light and thematically appropriate, we recommend The Lego Christmas Ornaments Book by oft-featured creator Chris McVeigh. Chris has a real flair for making amazing tiny versions of awesome things, and these 15 creations can teach builders of all skill levels a thing or two. (Booktopia, $28.75)

More Surface To Build On

What to do when every horizontal surface is covered with spaceships, volcanoes, fire trucks and minifigs? It's time to go vertical, or maybe even upside-down. While gluing official Lego base plates to walls and ceilings is certainly an option, peel-and-stick third-party solutions are much more convenient. These babies cling to surfaces tenaciously, transforming them for boring to Lego-bearing. (Amazon, $US29.95 ($41) per four-pack)

You Put Your Lego Bits In There

As a builder who has Lego bits in at least fifteen different drawers around my home, this one is personal. Organisation is essential to a smooth Lego workflow. Being able to see a small drawer filled with red single circle studs is so much better than thinking you saw one in the one of a dozen junk drawers. While others may prefer something with a bit more visual flair, I love the utilitarian feel of Stack-On's line of stackable storage cabinets. They make building even the most random nonsense feel like a delicate operation. (Amazon, $US15.97 ($22) as pictured, other sizes available)

A Fancy Display Cabinet For Their Fancy Lego Things

From kit builds to custom creation, every Lego build deserves to be seen in the best possible light. A quality curio cabinet is a much better display space than on top of that one cabinet in the kitchen or on the top shelf of your children's closet because they'd never think to look there. Unless cantankerous kids are present, tempered glass is the way to go. Not only does it afford the best view, it's also great for applying backdrops and custom lighting. Hit up Ikea or Bunnings.

Lego Office And School Supplies Are Totally A Thing

If you're looking for something that's officially Lego but decidedly different, Lego makes an entire line of office/school supplies, combining connectable brick elements with everyday items like gel pens, erasers, coloured pencils, buildable rulers and more. You can find all of those and a lot more over at Amazon.

If All Else Fails, Mug 'Em

What do you get the Lego fan who has everything? Something they won't mind having more of, like a coffee mug with plenty of brick-sticking area. One of the more popular brick-i-fied everyday items, the Build On Brick coffee mug is the perfect accessory for any desk on which Lego might be assembled. I'm primarily a kit builder, and there are always extra parts left over. They could really use a mug to cling to, I'm just saying. (EB Games, $18)


    I was gonna call out this woeful Lego Christmas list until I saw that glorious Lego cup w/e.

    I actually use a large fishing tackle box for each kit I play build.

    Also kind of reminds me of the LEGO Technic brief case back in the day.

    Wish I still had it, :(

    The shipping on those storage containers is wrought - Last time I looked it was $50!

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