13 Nintendo Gifts To Make Your Mates Happier Than Tom Nook With A Bag Of Bells

13 Nintendo Gifts To Make Your Mates Happier Than Tom Nook With A Bag Of Bells
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Everyone has that one friend that swears by Nintendo. They’ve probably played at least one game from every mainline Nintendo franchise, and may or may not have a Gengar or Triforce tattoo. If this sounds like someone you know, we have the gift guide for you.

Here are some of our favourite Nintendo-themed Christmas gifts for dedicated fans.

The best Christmas gifts for Nintendo Switch owners

Pokémon T-Shirts

Image: Uniqlo

Being able to show off your hobbies in a fashionable way can be hard to do (looking at you, Sonic Crocs). Uniqlo always has the best designs when it comes to anime and games, and its new Pokémon Masters EX collaboration is no different.

Here are some of out favourite shirts from the collection:

The Mighty Bowser Lego Set

Image: Lego

This big boy will be all your token Nintendo fan cares about this Christmas. This Bowser is absolutely massive, coming in at 32cm high and with 2,807 pieces, it’ll take at least four hours to complete. While it is a little more on the expensive side, it certainly is impressive, and you can even get LED lights to make it more lifelike.

You can get The Mighty Bowser Lego set here:

Nintendo Switch Online Membership

nintendo gifts
Image: Nintendo

We love a gift that keeps on giving, and this Nintendo Switch online membership is perfect to get your friends and family into online gaming — no more excuses that they can’t visit your Animal Crossing island or race you in a few rounds of Mario Kart online.

The 12-month individual membership is currently $25.45 and can be used by one person, while the 12-month family membership is $46.70 (down from $54.95) and can be used by up to eight people within the same household.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Original Soundtrack Vinyl

Image: Nintendo

If your Nintendo-loving family member or friend also happens to be a record collector, then this vinyl copy of The Super Mario Bros. Movie original motion picture soundtrack is a great Nintendo Christmas gift idea.

You can buy The Super Mario Bros. Movie vinyl soundtrack here:


nintendo gifts
Image: Nintendo

The dreaded Joy-Con drift is a real bitch. While you can go to the trouble of sending them back to Nintendo to get them fixed or sub in a wireless Pro controller, sometimes upgrading to a new pair of Joy-Cons is the easiest strategy.

While Joy-Cons don’t come cheap, they do come in a variety of colours with special editions emerging in tandem with new game titles.

You can buy Nintendo Joy-Cons here:

Monopoly Animal Crossing

Image: Hasbro

We’re not really sure what happens when you mix Animal Crossing (a.k.a the most wholesome game on the planet) with Monopoly, the board game that can drive a wedge between even the chummiest of families. However, they do have one thing in common: capitalism.

You play as one of four available villagers and traverse around the board, collecting resources as you go. One thing’s for certain: the bank of Tom Nook is bound to play a big, testing part.
You can buy Monopoly Animal Crossing here:

Pokémon Games

nintendo gifts
Image: Nintendo

When you think about Nintendo, you tend to picture its two mascots: Mario and Pikachu. Almost all Nintendo gamers happen to be a Pokémon trainer in their minds, so a copy of Pokémon Scarlet or Violet is a fantastic gift idea if they don’t already own it. Otherwise, Pokémon Legends Arceus is another great option. Set in the Sinnoh of the past, you’ll play as a mysterious child who fell from the sky while attempting to complete the first-ever Pokédex.

Grabbing one of these games as a Christmas present is a great idea if you know anyone who’s on the fence about the new generation of Pokémon (or perhaps you just need a buddy to trade with).

You can buy Pokémon Legends Arceus here:

You can buy Pokémon Scarlet here:

You can buy Pokémon Violet here:

Nitro Deck

Image: CRKD

The Nitro Deck is a handheld deck for Nintendo Switch that allows for full customisation and reprogramming of all buttons. It also includes back buttons for increased play speed.

You can buy the Nitro Deck here:

Amiibo Figures

Image: Nintendo

While they might not be the most original gift, Amiibo figures are great presents for Nintendo fans thanks to their multi-functionality. They can be used with different games — not just Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — and also look great when displayed as part of a collection. In addition, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Amiibos look great and are the perfect gift for new Nintendo gamers.

You can by the Link Amiibo here:

You can buy the Zelda Amiibo here:

A Lego Nintendo Entertainment System

nintendo gifts
Image: Lego

Do they love Nintendo? Do they love Lego? Are they a retro gamer?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then this is sure to be a winner for your giftee this Christmas. This Lego model bears a shockingly accurate resemblance to the original NES system from its game cartridge right down to the console itself. Once built, you can even insert the cartridge into the console and pretend to move 8-bit Mario behind the retro-themed TV.

Shop the Lego Nintendo Entertainment System here:

Ask Iwata

Image: Hobonichi

“On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.”

Diehard Nintendo fans will enjoy this book from the company’s legendary CEO, the late Satoru Iwata, as a Christmas gift. This stunning hardcover edition details Iwata’s graduation from the Tokyo Institute of Technology to becoming president of Nintendo in 2002. It goes over his history as a developer, where he helped create the games you love today including Kirby’s Dream Land, Super Smash Bros. and Earthbound, to name a few.

It’s a great gift for avid readers and Nintendo fans alike.

You can buy Ask Iwata here:

Nintendo Switch Skin

nintendo gifts
Image: Controller Gear

Looking for a way to set your Nintendo Switch apart from the rest? If you don’t want to go to the trouble of taking apart your Switch to install some protective plates or drop $100+ on a new pair of Joy-Cons, skins are a cheap alternative.

This Christmas, turn to some of these Nintendo Switch skins as an easy stocking stuffer for a friend.

Some of our favourite picks include:

Nintendo Switch Thumb Grips

nintendo gifts
Image: GeekShare

Thumb grips are a great way to accessorise your Nintendo Switch and protect it from further wear and tear. If you want to help your Nintendo-loving giftee customise the look of their Switch, make sure you grab them some matching thumb grips in addition to a new skin. They also happen to make the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for any Nintendo gamer in your life.

Here’s a few of our top picks below:

Pokemon Nanoblocks

Move over Pop! Vinyl, you guys are old news. Nanoblocks have teamed up with Pokemon to create fun, DIY models of your favourite starters. With some Blu-Tak, they’re the perfect decor for your study desk, computer monitor or window sill, and make even better Nintendo-themed Christmas gifts.

Here are some of our favourites:

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Lead image credit: Lego/Nintendo

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At Kotaku, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. We have affiliate and advertising partnerships, which means we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. BTW – prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of posting.


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