Nintendon’t Miss These Cyber Monday Deals

Nintendon’t Miss These Cyber Monday Deals
Contributor: Isabella Noyes
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You gotta give it to Nintendo, the Switch really is a great gaming console. While its graphics aren’t as smooth as the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, the fact that you can play Pokémon on the big screen and take it with you anywhere is a major game-changer in the video games space. If you’re looking to join the Nintendo Switch party or find a new game to enjoy, then I’ve got you covered with these Cyber Monday deals.

Cyber Monday is on right now and will conclude at midnight tonight. That gives you less than 24 hours to nab a bargain or get all of your Christmas shopping finished, so you can focus on the newly-released Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Here’s a running list of the best Nintendo Switch console, video game and accessory deals that are available now.

Looking for even more deals? Well, we’ve collected all of our favourite Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in one place, so all you need to do is click the strap below.

The best Cyber Monday deals for Switch consoles

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals
Image: Nintendo

If you’ve yet to grab your household a shiny new Switch, then I have the deal for you.

This Nintendo Switch Mario Kart bundle is going for $379 and is your essential starter kit if you’re new to this side of the console war. It comes with a code for Mario Kart 8 plus a Nintendo Switch Online three-month membership, so you can immediately compete with the big dogs. That’s $560.90 worth of gear for only $379.

The best Cyber Monday deals for Nintendo Switch games

Image: Nintendo

One can never have too many games, but stocking up your “To Play” pile with full price games really adds up.

When I’m between new releases, there’s no greater joy than knowing I got to play an old Assassin’s Creed game for $20 because it was on sale during Cyber Monday. If there’s a game you’ve always wanted to play, but have never got around to it, make the most of these sales and grab it now.

From this list, highlights include Ring Fit Adventure for a mere $89, WarioWare: Get It Together for $34.99 and Mario Golf for $59.

You can also save up to 75% off over 1,000 titles through the Nintendo eShop’s Cyber Deals Sale.

The best Cyber Monday deals for Nintendo Switch accessories

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals
Image: Nintendo

It’s happened (again). Your beloved Joy-Cons have started to display signs of The Great Drift, and now you can’t play some of your favourite games, including Super Mario Party or Switch Sports. There’s not much you can do to fix it unless you buy a new set of Joy-Cons, but they sure do cost a pretty penny at $119.95. Joy-Cons are currently $10 off, so make sure you swipe a pair before Cyber Monday’s Nintendo sale is over.

You can always grab a Pro controller instead if your drifty Joy-Cons doesn’t faze you. The Pro controller is currently on sale for $21.95 off, and honestly, is well worth the money.