The Xbox One S Is Under $300 Again

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If you missed one of the many, many opportunities to buy a console on the cheap before Christmas, not to worry - there's more. The Microsoft Store has some solid bargains today for people in the market for an Xbox, particularly if you like Xboxes that can play 4K Blu-Rays.

As spotted earlier this morning OzBargain, the Microsoft Store has got 4 Xbox One S bundles going for under $300 a pop. They're all 500GB models, but which one you buy will depend on what game you'd like to come with it. Note that some of the bundles from the links below will have 1TB and 2TB variants, so to get the sub-$300 deal make sure you click on the 500GB option. It's pictured below, in case you need a guide.

Image: Microsoft Store

Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Special Edition Bundle (500GB): $299 Xbox One S Minecraft Favourites Bundle (500GB) Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundle (500GB): $299 Xbox One S FIFA 17 Bundle (500GB)

Note that if you immediately go to the link, it'll display the 2TB model and say you get a free copy of Forza Horizon 3. Which sounds great! Except those bundles cost $500, and you can get a 500GB model with whatever game you like, plus Forza Horizon 3, a bag of chips, an extra controller, some chocolate, and whatever else you feel like for less than that.

Each of the bundles will also come with different little bits and pieces. The Gears of War 4 bundle, for instance, comes in Deep Blue instead of dust-attracting white and has a free download for the Xbox 360 Gears of War Collection. The Minecraft pack comes with the game on Xbox One, a beta for the game on Windows 10 and the Minecraft Builder's Pack.

The Halo Collection features Halo 5: Guardians on disc and a download for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which is more than 150GB combined with all of the updates. Oof. And the best value of the lot, weirdly, is the FIFA 17 bundle: you get a full download for Virtual Football 2017 and one month of EA Access, which gives you access to a whole raft of solid titles including the older Battlefield games, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Star Wars: Battlefront, the Mirror's Edge games and the Mass Effect series.

Either way: a 4K ultra Blu-Ray player, a new console with a nice new controller, and a game (or more) to play for under $300. Take your pick and enjoy the holidays: all orders come with express shipping free of charge.


    EB Games has a today only sale:

    $299. Includes a 500GB console, Battlefield 1 and a Blu-ray DVD.

    I like the look of the Gears of War one, only because it's a darker colour, not white!

      I agree. I don't care how cheap they get - I'm not buying one until it comes in black.

    LOL, give me the Wii U under $300 Nintendo! (Of course you won't).

    Can't deny the price. pretty good. Still wouldn't buy one. Why would you? Unless you want a 4k bluray player and don't have a console, then maybe. But I'd rather the ps4 pro everyday. Especially if you have a 4k telly.

      I've a nice 4K HDR TV a PS4Pro and a Xbox One S. They are all great. Sure the PS4Pro gets used as the primary device.

      But it doesn't have Forza Horizon, Gears of War, Halo etc on it either........

      That deal for $299 is a bargain.

    If it was the 1tb version at $300 then we might have a deal.

      Yeah was going to say that!

      My 1tb xbone is less than a year old, I've only got a handful of games and a few GWG and it's already more than half full.

      It's too much of a pain to uninstall games and reinstall when you want to play them, especially considering the update size, Halo 5 needed a 40gb update the first time I connected to Xbox Live!

        I've never understood why MS did not design it with upgradeable HDD like the playstation 4. I know you can use external HDD but, do you really want externals hanging off it?

          Can you use externals for installing games on?

          That might not be such a bad option, it's USB 3.0, but yeah I agree you kind of want it all in one box when it's designed as an "all in one living room home media entertainment centre"!

            Once you attache a external HDD to it it then becomes your default storage. So you can install the the external.

      Actually, seriously consider the external drive option. I just use a 2TB external mini drive (USB3.0) on my 500GB XB1 and it's quite seamless. You can also move games/content back and forth between the console/external drive, and change the default save location for newly installed games. And it's quite discrete sitting on top of themXB1 (NOT above the ventilation slots, obviously!)

      Much easier than opening the box to change drives, no need to install OS, easy to use commercially available drives (mine is one of the major brands, from purchased from a major office supplier who will price,at home most of the cheaper guys out there). At about $130 for 2TB, you can have a 2.5TB XB1S for about $430. And easy to wait and buy it when you need it or when it's on sale.

      A lifesaver for GWG. And, when you fill up your 2.5TB, you can just buy another drive.

      But get the bigg st mini Drive you think is reasonable - if you have GWG and any XB360 BC, that 2.5GB still fills up pretty quickly. I'm already keeping an eye on 4TB pric s (sheepish grin).

    So many reminders in the last while on this site that the xbox is the cheapest 4k blu-ray player I can get.

    It's almost like kotaku is being paid to say it right before xmas!

      It's more that people like deals, and it's good to let people know when stuff is cheaper than normal. We're agnostic in that sense, in that we'll cover deals for GPU cards, TVs, consoles, monitors, and so on. I don't think that's fair.

        Thanks for the reply Alex but yeah, don't know if you can see it but at the moment on the site it feels like after every 5 posts there's a post shaped ad for the Xbox being the cheapest 4k blu-ray player available.

        Because apparently, it is the cheapest 4k player available. And we need to know that. And then be reminded of that. Constantly. I just hope Kotaku got a pretty penny for it because it's really in our faces.

    Aldi has the pre-S XB1's at $270 if you're looking for a deal... also nice and easy to return to aldi lol

      It's the 1TB, and it's A$279

    Hey just in case you missed the 'partner content' and mention of this in a dozen + articles on kotaku - THE XBOX PLAYS 4K BLU RAY.

    An aside but OT - if you're thinking of getting this as a "second" XB1, then Microsoft's original strategy starts to make sense - always online and games downloaded online. For my downloaded games (mostly included content and GWG) I can just swap between XB's. For my disc-based games, I need to eject the disc from one and then put it in the other. Though admittedly a small price to pay for a game I can return, trade-in, buy used, buy on sale, and buy from a retailer who price--matches other retailers...

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