This Is Gaming On A Budget

Image: Youtube (u/ult1matum)

I've heard of gaming on a budget, and then there's this.

What do you do when you can't afford an actual racing wheel for your virtual driving? You do what YouTuber ult1matum did, and get a table. (Or a swivel chair, as zaxx pointed out.)

This is so ridiculously creative that I'm jealous. I wonder how long it would have taken to get the sensitivity just right. Either way, props for such a left field solution to not buying a racing wheel.

Update: As zaxx noted, it could be a swivel chair. Made a small edit above.


    hate to be that guy but...., it looks like a round swivel chair...

    I came here for table action. was dissapointed

      Good point. It looks rather flat for a swivel chair - cushions on those are usually rounded - but I've made a small update nonetheless. Thanks.

        The base of it looks like a swivel chair, though the top certainly doesn't. Weird.

    The Macgyver of computer peripherals right here.

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