What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Image: Redout

I'll undoubtedly be messing around with Final Fantasy 15 a bit more, and because I like shooting things, a bit of Destiny will undoubtedly be on the cards too.

But there's one game I'm really, really excited to work through.

I might actually have more to say on it over Christmas, but I've been thoroughly enjoying Redout so far. After having a whinge about the state of all of the Wipeout/F-Zero clones - they either weren't pretty enough, didn't nail the sense of speed, or were simply too unpolished and unfinished - Redout seems to have finally, finally cracked it.

Sometimes it's good to be wrong. Or maybe not. I've just gotten up to the second class of vehicles now.

Another game I'm quietly enjoying is Chroma Squad. You know those games you keep seeing on Steam that you just don't buy for whatever reason? I've been doing that for over a year with Chroma Squad, only to pick it up in the last year. It's pretty great, and the music also has the wonderful benefit of bugging Tegan. A++ game.

And I'll actually be able to spend some of this weekend playing games, since the whole moving boxes thing is sorted. Woohoo.

What are you playing this weekend? (Also, could the powers that be finally accept my invite into the TAY Destiny clan? Love, Alex.)


    After Stephen's compelling article and timely reminder of how good TR is I think I'll be wetting my beak in that - Div OS 2 and some GTA V shenanigans.

      I just picked it up in the sales and cracked it open last night. So far, so brilliant!

    On The Division wagon after the 1.4 patch.
    Good god, I think I may just wait 6 months for all game purchases these days, you know, after they finish beta testing on the world at large ;)

    Might finally burn thru the first four Batman Telltale episodes, seeing the final one is out next week; used to do them individually as they came out (with Wolf Among Us and Tales of the Borderlands) but always forgot a few of my decisions between episodes. Seeing if doing it in one hit is better, or if it is more boring as a whole :/.

    I'm nearing the end of Oxenfree. Really enjoying it but the conversation interrupting is really bugging me. Still worth playing though.

    Then it's on to The Flame in the Flood.

    Witcher 3. I fell in that rabbit hole and can't get out...

      Same. I started playing it last Saturday and now I can't stop.

        Good luck mate! I started about 2 weeks ago and still got plenty to go. Not that I an complaining as it's is THE best rpg I have played. But my pile of shame just exploded :(

    The Last Guardian.

    It feels weird being able to actually say that's what I'll be playing this weekend.

    Pursuing platinum trophy in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.
    Might do some Lumines on PS Vita (grinding XP).
    Not playing Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni on PS Vita, but if I were I'd be up to about Drive 13.

    Destiny. Iron Banner! Will get to 400 this weekend.... finally!
    Going to buy Titanfall 2 on way home as it is cheap and take advantage of double xp weekend.

    After that great article on FEAR I went and rebought condemned. Gonna turn the lights off, crank the surround sound, and see if it still holds up.

    Overwatch, the arcade mode is really refreshing and i have found some new buddies to group up with as the old crew no longer play

    Still picking away at Watch Dogs 2 and Pokemon Sun.

    father, forgive me, for i know not what i have done.
    i just purchased Overwatch. i mate was selling $50 jbhifi voucher for $30 cash and overwatch origins edition for pc was only $49. and the guys at work all bought it, so.... i reluctantly followed suit. i kinda feel its a bit monotonous after putting in about 8 hours so far, but ill persist with it and see how it goes when playing with mates. ive definitely had some fun, but i dont know if its $30 worth of fun yet. i dont think it will engross me like TF2 did though, but maybe thats just because im still learning all the characters and maps.

    and, like i do everyday - Marvel Future Fight on my Android.

    Last edited 09/12/16 11:56 am

    FFXV. It opened up a bit more once I reached chapter 2 the other night, but I haven't had a chance to play it since.

    Factorio. Must automate more. Just 5 more minutes. Another factory. Ooo its 11pm. Just another belt and oil rig. Ooo its 1am... :D

    I will be playing Factorio I'm sure.

    Last Guardian (providing I can get out of the fucking tree) and Pokemon Sun for me.

    Titanfall 2, DoubleXP weekend, its a shame how such a great game's been overlooked due to its release so close to COD and BF1

      I bought that last week at the sales (it's still deeply discounted BTW) but I'm not allowed to open until Xmas, which is probably just as well I'm still trying to get thru MGS V which is a magnificent time sink before starting Deus Ex MD (like I started it months back but I have to have a proper tilt at it!)

      FWIW I don't think COD is doing much better; Harvey Norman (that known discounter of games) is using their radio ads to spruik COD IW for $49!

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    Oh god, that bloody Chroma Squad music. The one problem with our dual screen setup :P

    All good though, that's what my giant Plantronics headphones are for :P

    Defs gonna check out Redout, thanks for showing me this game Kotaku - I love the Wipeout and F-Zero games!

    I've finished Watch Dogs 2 so next on my list is Rise of the Tomb Raider.
    So far i'm loving it but I will probably restart the game again tonight. I'm not far in yet so it's fine.
    Also, i'll keep going with Pokémon Sun.

    Final Fantasy 15...I'm not sold on the whole bromance thing yet, but I'm enjoying it so far

    Plus, Titanfall 2 for double XP weekend

    Windwaker ayyyeee!!!

    Titanfall 2 for its double xp weekend. Also finally got Final Fantasy 15. However I've already encountered a strange glitch. When I got to the sea, it wasn't blue, it was purple. I saved videos and screenshots if nobody believes me.

    The Last Guardian.

    Other things, too, but that just looks so improbable there on the screen that I will let it stand alone.

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