When Making The Costume Is Easy, But The Prop Is Not

In anime Durarara!!, bodyguard Shizuo Heiwajima is known for his amazing strength. His outfit, a bartender outfit and sunglasses, is easy to pull off. The improvised weapons he wields, however, are not.

[Image: Itsuku1]

Heiwajima often uses street signs for battling, but when typical cosplayers dress as him, they carry a stop sign. While difficult to make, a stop sign is still a sensible alternative.

Itsuku1, however, is not your typical cosplayer. He created an enormous street sign, which you might remember from the scene pictured below.

Making a prop like this is not easy because it's so darn big! There was also the issue of the road sign part snapping in half.

Here's the final result:



    Pretty impressive! Though when I started reading, i was hoping the prop was going to be a vending machine, another favoured weapon of his.

      Shouldnt be THAT hard to make a vending machine, would really just be a big balloon. Balsa wood frame, couple of struts to give it some structure, and fill it with helium and you'd be set.

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