And Here's One Of The First Commercials For The Nintendo Switch

It was shown in Germany.

People playing Switch on the bus, people playing Switch on the plane. Busy people living busy lives, but Switch is part of it.

Woo hoo. We have no time to do anything and I'm this close to an existential crisis.

Save me Switch.

I think I'm starting to get the gist regarding how Nintendo's marketing for this is gonna go. Not once have I seen a family sitting together in a white room doing stuff together.

Family is DEAD. Nintendo Switch is about millennials in studio apartments they can't afford to own rushing off to planes and eating smashed avocado for breakfast. Good times.


    I hope that bus and fly commute are under two hours.
    The reported battery life for Zelda

      They said three hours for zelda, which is the same as the minimum for the OG 3ds and the vita.

      Play an intensive 3d game on your thousand dollar phone and see how long it lasts.

      Hell, you'd be lucky to get three hours out of the vast majority of gaming laptops!

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        I second this comment. When you compare battery life to other devices that play 3D intensive games, I think the switch stacks up well!

          Well? Sorry but stacking up against pitiful battery life still makes it pitiful.

        Yeah but its a bloody phone not a games machine.
        Which if you were to design one would last minimum 7-8 hours.

          A gaming laptop is a games machine. A vita is a games machine. A 3ds is an incredibly popular games machine. Why cherry pick the one example which isn't, what's your point?

          If it's so easy to make a cutting-edge 8 hour portable gaming device, where is it then?

          You're comparing the switch against an imaginary device. It's like apples and magic beans.

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            Hmmm Nintendo Magic Beans. Has a nice ring to it. Id buy one.

            My point is saying it's rubbish battery compares with previous rubbish standards does not make it good.

            The battery tech obviously still isn't there yet in 2016/17.
            So don't bloody make one until it can last 7hrs minimum.

            Would be like a Tesla that could only travel 50klm. Nope they built it to go 300klm plus.
            Nintendo ever since the N64 have cheaped out on hardware.

            I for one would rather Nintendo drop average hardware and become software only.
            Much rather play the new Mario or Zelda on an Xbox or PS4.

              Based on sales of previous "mobile gaming products with rubbish battery", you're in the extreme minority.

              The Tesla is successful because its battery life finally meets what a significant demographic would deem acceptable for use.

              2.5-6 hours has been proven many times in the past to also meet similar expectations when it comes to mobile gaming.

              And you say that Nintendo is cheaping out on hardware, but again you provide no evidence of anyone doing better in mobile gaming. In fact, if battery life is your main concern, Nintendo has proven time and time again to actually lead the field.

          They did design one. Turns out it lasts 2.5 - 6. You know, sort of like the 3DS and the Vita... and every gaming laptop ever.

    Switch is going to make me quit my job and get a new one....where I can take public transport to the office so that I have a chance to play my Switch. Good one Nintendo, I LIKE MY CURRENT JOB!

      I have been thinking I will just move house, further away from my current place of employment. Yay!

    What are the general flight times between the capital cities here, again?

    The major leg is probably Brisbane-Perth, right? I thought maybe Hobart-Perth would have been longer.

    I always wondered why there wasn't a larger focus on a national rail system in this country at some point but clearly the extreme heat at this time of year is a factor.

    My point is, buses here are always too damn cramped for anything bigger than a phone, aren't they?

    I don't live in a big city and I drive to work so that's why I'm asking.

      Between 2-3 hours on the East Coast you can expect for our domestic flights.

      I suppose it depends on your bus, I was on coach recently in Europe and the Switch would be awesome to keep you busy for three or so hours with plenty of room.


        Planes at least have the tray tables for resting your gear on. I don't think people tsk-tsking about the Switch's battery life on longer bus trips (domestically, at least) probably realise they're expecting to hold that micro-console in their hands and stare at it the whole time. That sounds particularly exhausting.

        Look at you, you adventurer you :p

        Hope it was a nice trip!

    At least i have found a use for my power bank this year. :D

    I wonder how long it will take for someone to accidentally start a brawl by playing Arms while on public transport.

    Wonder how long before people start report 'Switchs' stolen from public locations ... look at Pokémon GO and the amount of people who had phones stolen in public because of it, walking around with a basically a Wii U controller in your hand is going to stand out.

      Phones were stolen mostly because they were smaller to grab, people mostly only held them in one hand and sometimes on the side (where it counted steps but screen was off) and people went to areas they would not normally wonder to (to catch them all)

      However there aint that many Vita or 3DS thefts in public because they are bulkier devices, are used in more public places (tram, train or in crowds) and aren't as much as a phone (where its still easier to steal them then go after a Switch)

      Not to say it won't happen, but its as likely as someone stealing a 3DS or Vita. iPads and phones are much better and easier to knick.

    The switch is a third of the price of most flagship phones.

    The vita launch price (either with memory card or 3g version) was the same as the switch. Was there a plague of vita thefts?

    Honestly, just replace the joy cons with regular fixed controls, and make it portable only maybe with a hmdi mini output.

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