Awesome Games Done Quick Kicks Off For 2017

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Live from the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel in Herndon, the Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathon has returned for 2017. Here's all the games and when they'll be played in local time.

AGDQ has become a staple in the gaming calendar for a couple of reasons. Apart from the millions that it's raised for charity over the years, it also lands just after the holidays when most people are either just coming back from their holidays or still enjoying their time off.

Charity aside, the event is also wonderfully instructive. Speedrunners will often explain the various ways they glitch and break through their games of choice, teaching spectators new ways to enjoy the games they love.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is the beneficiary of this year's ADGQ, and at the time of writing almost $US50,000 has been donated already.

Ape Escape 2 and Undertale kicked off proceedings, with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Quake and Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D featuring afterwards.

If you want to easily keep up with what's being streamed, there's an online calendar tool that automatically converts to your timezone. You can also import the calendar into Outlook, Gmail or your calendar app of choice, if you want to do things that way.

Alternatively, here's a list of everything being played today, as well as their scheduled times in AEDT:

  • Right now: Borderlands 2 co-op
  • 9:33am: Psychonauts (Any%)
  • 10:40am: Shovel Knight (Any%)
  • 11:42am: Mega Man (All Stages)
  • 12:17pm: Super Mario Kart (Time Trial Race)
  • 12:59pm: Quake (Any% Easy)
  • 1:29pm: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (European Extreme)
  • 3:19pm: Devil May Cry (New Game/Normal)
  • 4:34pm: Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster (Wesker Mode)
  • 6:00pm: Silent Hill 4: The Room (Any%)
  • 7:25pm: F.E.A.R. Extraction Point (Low difficulty)
  • 8:23pm: Hitman: Blood Money (PRO/SA)
  • 9:13pm: The Turing Test (Any%)
  • 10:08pm: Hyper Princess Pitch (Combat Lady, All Stages)
  • 10:33pm: Hydra Castle Labyrinth (Any%)
  • 11:18pm: Kalimba (Inner World)
  • 11:48pm: New Super Hook Girl (Any%)

I'll be keen to see if anything new comes from the Quake speedrun, although watching Borderlands 2 be blitzed through in co-op is pretty entertaining.


    From today's games, Shovel Knight is a consistently great speed game for these marathons and Hitman: Blood Money is being run by Saintmillion, who is consistently rad at GDQs. Plus the game is wonderfully derpy in the best of ways.

    It's a pretty good line-up this year. Apparently the OoT3D run from earlier was pretty good and worth chasing the VOD.

    I'm mostly looking forward to the Trauma Center New Blood run. I talk regularly with the guys playing it and the Trauma Center speedrunning community (it's a thing!) are just good people. The downside is that it's on at like 2am Friday.

    oh how id love to see an AGDQ 100% No Glitch event. even if dont have as many games, its be great to see it done

      also its a bit dissappointing to see games like Quake and FEAR being done on the easy difficultly

      That's a bit like showing up to a tennis match and saying you'd rather they played golf.

      Speedrunning is all about pushing a game to the absolute limits. Rules and categories are set by the community based on general agreement, and most importantly, actual participation. Some games are entirely glitch free or only have a handful of glitches but are still run. Others are heavily glitched. Some are heavily glitched but have community demand for less glitchy categories because they're more interesting.

      What you are seeing is reflective of the attitudes of the people playing the games.

        "That's a bit like showing up to a tennis match and saying you'd rather they played golf." Not at all. a Better Analogy is Cricket, theres Test Matchs (Full 100% completion), ODIs (speed running no Glitch) and twenty20 (Glitch). I may not be a fan of Twenty20, but its still cricket and ill enjoy watching it, But i would greatly like to see an ODI every now and then

          To use your cricket analogy, pretend the local RSL put on an afternoon cricket match every month. Now imagine that, without fail, every time this match happens, the occasional passerby said something along the lines of "it's just not real cricket unless it's a test match".

          Not only does voicing that opinion contribute nothing, it becomes increasingly grating to hear over and over and over again. This is why I'm frustrated by people complaining about glitches in speedrunning. It's simply not what they're about yet someone always feels the need to say it.

            you seem to have this impression that i hate GLitched Speed runs, when i most definately do not. Ive tuned in for every AGDQ event when ive had the time and have enjoyed every minute of them. There is nothing wrong in seeing the team try and set up an event based on non glitch/light Glitching. Its obvious that there wouldnt be as many games during the event due the completeltion times being longer but it would be a great thing to watch and enjoy

              GDQ is far from the only speedrunning marathon. There's ESA, RTA in Japan, RPG Limit Break and a ridiculous amount of online only marathons. If there's community support for an event, it will happen.

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