Path Of Exile Is Coming To Xbox One

Path Of Exile Is Coming To Xbox One

Given that it’s one of the best free-to-play games of the last five years, and one of the best modern dungeon bashers, the news that Path of Exile is coming to consoles (or a console, at least) is very, very good.

New Zealand developers Grinding Gear Games announced the news on their website, saying that the Xbox One version would have the same content as the PC build, including the upcoming expansion that contains the story’s fifth act.

“Xbox One players will play on their own realm, separate to the PC realm,” Grinding Gear added, saying it was necessary due to “small gameplay differences” like how skills are targeted and the number of flask slots. “We intend to follow the same content and league release schedule on both the Xbox One and PC versions of Path of Exile.

There’s also a couple of screenshots showing the interface on Xbox One:

Path Of Exile Is Coming To Xbox OneImage: Grinding Gear Games

Looks neat. PoE might not do a Diablo 3 and end up being better on consoles than it is on PC, but if you’re in need of an RPG with a skill tree that scares children, it’s well worth a look.


  • Been waiting for this to happen for ages but if this does not have couch co op like Diablo 3 then it will be a massive waste imo.

  • Pretty cool, I am definitely always going to be a diehard PC player and especially with a game like this. But I do think that this is fantastic news, GGG are really doing well and setting the bar on ARPG’s. Hope to see their growth continue!

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