Path Of Exile Is Finally Coming To PlayStation

Path Of Exile Is Finally Coming To PlayStation
Image: Grinding Gear Games

After a long stint as a PC only game before coming to Microsoft’s console for the Xbox One X launch, one of the most successful New Zealand games – and a rather timely one to talk about given the Diablo discussion this week – is finally making its way to the PS4.

Path of Exile doesn’t have an exact date for its PS4 launch, but the below trailer notes that it is “coming this year”. Console players will get the same gargantuan skill tree and massive lists of items that drop out of chests that PC players do, and the limit on co-op parties is the same (6, or “up to five friends” as noted in the trailer).

Given how many people have been talking about a hardcore ARPG experience in the aftermath of Diablo Immortal, this couldn’t have been timed better. If you need some help navigating the game, especially the incredibly intimidating skill tree, YouTuber Wolfian has a good guide below.


  • Wonder if this’ll get the same amount of abuse about using PC gamer monies being used to support consoles as the Xbox version did, or if they’ve got over it by now

    The Xbox release was fantastic, loved every bit of it, good to see Playstation gamers getting it too

  • Awesome, I have always wanted to play this… but one thing, could that health orb at the top left be any bigger? I know they have to make UI elements slightly bigger for console, but you could see that thing from space.

    • I assume it’s to mirror the size of the map on the right side, but due to the transparency on the map, it’s harder to see and less obtrusive.

  • Sony is really killing it. All these amazing multiplatform games that were late to arrive on the platform felt it mattered little due to the fantastic exclusive offerings in between the wait.

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