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    Hello TAY. Having a casual new years break, back working on my own projects, actually had to make a new years resolution to play more games, as opposed to wanting to actually check them out but being too busy. So far this year, I've seen the opening 10 minutes of FFXV and spent far too much time messing around in code because dammit I'm too close to my goal to stop.

    Happy New Year everyone! What'd you all get up to?

      Not much myself. Had one drink, watched some YouTube and went to bed shortly after the New Year came in.

      Then again, I just got back from spending Christmas with the extended family the night before NYE so I think it's understandable why I had a quiet one.

      Not a lot. Had a beer and watched two episodes of Mr. Robot, then went to bed.

        Been meaning to watch that. Any good?

          Yeah, I quite enjoyed it. Want to watch season 2 now, but I think it's a Foxtel exclusive (could've sworn I saw they had 2 seasons on Stan months ago, but it's not there now). Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD release.

            The streaming services do that... I went on a Supernatural binge a while back on Netflix, watched seasons 1-8, was ready to start watching S9 the next day... and they removed it. Just straight up no explanation ditched it, even though I had seen it there the night before (it even started auto-playing!). I recently went back to see if they'd re-added it, to find that they had removed the entire show from their catalogue.

            Apparently it's all Foxtel's fault (Something bad happens, Rupert is to blame... are we really surprised?). They are crazy with the whole copyright thing, and won't let the streaming services use them.

      Working... Then watched the Fireworks over Melbourne from my brother-in-laws balcony. Got drunk on Champagne, then back at work at 10am on the 1st... Yaaaay for being an adult :P

      Almost forgot that it was a thing, til sending off a message to a friend I meant to try and organise a catch-up with then got a call back asking if I was doing anything. "Oh that's tomorrow?" :P

      They were house sitting a place over at Annandale, close enough to see the glow of fireworks reflecting off the cloud cover but nothing directly. For the most part we were just drinking and playing board games, with as many fans on as possible (how do these people not have air conditioning oh my god dying). Particularly lengthy was a game of Articulate, which was pretty good. With how warm it was there and how long it had been since my last drink (felt fine and blew zero on my little tester thingo) I figured I'd just drive home, plus late night driving on empty roads is the best. Couldn't help but play a little Space Pirate Trainer when I got home, which I'd just bought on sale before leaving. Annoyingly the aim of the guns on that is stupidly downwards, they give you an option to adjust the angle of the gun but the max is still maybe about 30º short of where it needs to be. So wrote the devs a friendly letter asking whether a fix would be possible, then went to bed. Stupidly didn't think that I hadn't drunk all that much water before I left, and should have had more before going to sleep especially after working up a bit of a sweat, so woke to a nice new year's hangover all of two hours later :P Wasn't even all that warm, but still felt hot enough to be unable to sleep. Grabbed something to drink but still couldn't get back to sleep again for another two hours.

      At least the only way from there is up :P

      Worked till midnight, then went home & slept. I'm fun :P

      NYE? Watched Gone Girl with my folks, and went to sleep at 10; got woken up at 1 by the drunken 20-somethings renting the neighbours' place coming back from town. Woke up to news of a burst pipe in the wall of my parent's bathroom, and spent the morning playing mahjong with my mum while waiting for a plumber to call back.

      Water-damage aside, a pretty chill start to the year.

      Took the week off which was the biggest break I've had in a while
      Christmas in the bush with my family then a post christmas, christmas lunch with the in-laws after we got back.
      A few lazy days at home along with a trip to the beach and a trip to the zoo
      Gaming wise I finished farcry 3 and managed to get my darksiders 2 save back to where I lost all my progress (about 8 hours in) on NYE.
      Also spent some time getting my cycling CQ fantasy league team done

      Went to the in-laws place and watched Ant-Man and Guardians :D

    Hey hey TAY'ers! Happy New Year and all that stuff!

    I have a question for those PC enthusiasts out there. I'm looking at getting a desktop PC as I'll be doing some landscape design, 2D and 3D. It's been forever since I've built a PC, probably over 10 years, so I have no idea what I'm looking for anymore.

    As I'm a PS4 gamer, I have little interest in PC gaming (apart from Planet Coaster perhaps) so I would prefer to settle on a GTX 1070 as I'm pretty sure that should handle my 3D work, but in saying that, I had an email from Scorptec with the following deal:

    Here's where you PC people come in to play big time, why is this rig only $2k? Seems quite low considering half the price is the GTX 1080. I know the case is basic, there's only 8GB ram and it's a basic motherboard, but apart from the need for more RAM (I want 16GB), what are the downsides?

    I'm thick in to research territory here, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, for those in Melbourne, what computer stores do you recommend for?

      If you bought all the parts separately from them it'd cost over $2100, which is amusing.

      Also if Melbourne, i'd highly recommend PC Case gear. They seem to be the best priced etc. But yeah. Unless you really need it, i'd stay away from an i7 and put more money into something else like a better motherboard with an m.2 slot or a bigger SSD, better cpu cooling etc.

      I'm still getting there with my new build, i've got some stuff still waiting on being able to afford the rest (cpu, cooler, gpu etc..) but i've put together this i'm hopefully gonna buy most of the other bits this week for it so I can put together lol.

        Huge thanks for the reply. I didn't even consider looking at an i5, I thought i7 was the way to go. That's nice to know that I can save some money there. Thanks for the list, looks like a decent set up and helpful in knowing the parts I'll need.

          No worries. If you're not doing any heavy CPU intensive tasks like rendering, video editing etc that require hyper threading, you're just wasting money going for an i7 imo. But if you are doing those tasks often or for work, then by all means shell out the $$ for an i7.

          I think i5 is more than plenty for most people, hell I haven't hit a bottle neck with my Sandy Bridge 2500 i5 which is a 2011 era CPU, I probably would if I stuck a 1070, 1080 or Titan X in my current PC.

          Hell I could probably use the dual core i3 My NAS has, it chugs along decoding PLEX, torrenting etc & handles everything really well whilst staying under 50 degrees at load, it's kind of impressive lol.

            @hoi_polloi didn't you say in the top post you'd be doing 3D work? I'd definitely be going for an i7 if that's the case.

              I did, but it will be more real-time than rendering stills. I used to use 3dsmax, but will be moving to a dedicated landscaping package which is why I think I'd spend more on a video card. I will put an i7 in if the budget allows, but I'd prefer to stay around the 2k mark.

                There's also the option of Ryzen from AMD on the AM4 platform, what i've seen their top tier 8 core is meant to rival the i7 6900K which is a $1500 AUD CPU. So their other stuff might be very competitive especially price wise. CES this week should tell us more, I hope.

                  Interesting, I'll have to check out some benchmarks.

                  To be fair the 6800GT was a bitchin' card. I had a 6600GT personally those were the days lol.

                There's video circulating from the press release of Ryzen the other week where they put it against the 6900k in real time with Blender & Handbrake, the AMD chip beat the AMD by a few seconds and such. Which is impressive since they're achieving this with a TDP of 95w, where as the 6900k has a TDP of 140w quite a difference.

                  That is pretty impressive. Well I've decided to hold off for a few weeks anyway, so I'll see what happens. Maybe some post CES sales on 'old' tech.

                Also Intel officially launched their new 1151 CPU's today named Kaby Lake, so yeah. The 6700k is impressive for overclocking, JayzTwoCents got his to a stable 5ghz on AIO liquid cooler. Impressive!

                  I wish I had kept up with desktop PC's. The last PC I built was over 10 years ago. My last video card purchase was a Geforce 6800GT and who knows what processor I had. It was before i5, i7 etc. Hopefully these new processors drop the prices of the current ones.

        I've never seen the appeal of Micro-ATX cases, why'd you go down that route? A larger case gives you more flexibility (you could go for a cheaper air cooler, which from what I've read cool just as well as the AIO liquid coolers for a fraction of the cost), but if you want portability you'd probably be better off with a mini ITX?

        That being said, my last build was the size of a small building, so I can't really talk.

          They're a good in between, & some mATX cases can be small but still rooomy. I like the idea of being able to have a GPU & then another PCI-E device like a fancy Intel 750 series SSD for example, can't with an ITX board :P Also my current ATX case takes up way too much room tbh, also the fact a lot of premium cases now don't come with an ODD bay annoys me, I still use my ODD to rip CD's & with my NAS to rip blu-rays.

          Originally I wanted to go ITX but I couldn't find a case I liked, I was going to get the ITX version of that case buuuuuut since it's discontinued it's doubled to tripled in price from retailers, and I picked the mATX version up for half RRP 2nd hand in immaculate condition with original box & accessories, so that was nice.

          Depends, in my situation, an AIO is better than an air cooler, if there was more air flow in the case an air cooler would be a much better & cheaper option sure. I originally wanted to go a low profile air cooler, but that wasn't going to work. The H80i v2 fits well in this case anyway & came recommended by YouTuber JayzTwoCents in a build he did in this exact case a few years ago.

            Since this is the internet and we don't agree, I want to argue with your point; however, I can't fault your logic... so I am going to fixate on the fact that you spelled roomy with 3 o's.

            TAKE THAT! BUUUUURN.

            For the ODD, would an external work? If you aren't using it often it might not be worth having an internal one taking up space, particularly given the small form factor.

              Haha, well that's just how I roll, so deal with it :P

              It's a slim slow load ODD, which takes up the same room in this case even if it's not there so yeah :P As for external, like I need more stuff hanging about lol. Plus there's even room on the ODD tray behind it to house a 2.5" drive if I want, but saying that there's 4 spots on the back of the motherboard tray for that lol.

          Heh, I went mini-ITX for mine, managed to pack a 1080, a H100i cooler (with required 4 fans) an SSD and 2 mechanical drives into a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv.

          That was a fun build!

      RAM is a bit low. Isn't 16 GB the norm now?

        Is that expanded or extended memory? You'll need expanded to run X-wing with speech enabled. Ah those were the days.

          Stop! Stop!


          Goddammit! Look what you did to my hip!

    So to my surprise there was another 2x xp event for Titanfall 2. Managed to regenerate twice again. Currently at r9. I finished regenerating all my primary weapons so I can start using my favourites. I also managed to regenerate all Titans (even did Tone in a single night), so now I'm not sure which Titan to use. Try and get all stat achievements or just stick with my r12 Northstar.

    Got Uncharted 4 as one of my new games for Christmas and finished that a couple of days ago. Not sure what to think of it. When I finished Uncharted 3 I thought it was great, but that the series had given me all it could. 4 managed to prove me wrong, but that was mainly because of the grappling hook. Without it, I would have found the game stale. Funny enough, I had shifted my hype from Uncharted to Tomb Raider. Instead, Rise disappointed me while U4 managed to surprise me.

    However, I still don't know what to think of the game. I think it's great and one of the best, but I still don't find it as groundbreaking as a lot of people have made it out to be. One big problem I had with the game was how obvious and scripted all those CoD moments were. Everything around you explodes or falls apart, but the geometry falls in such a coincidental way that you can keep running and get out of the situation. Most hilarious moment was where a column falls down in front of you, slowly, so that you can climb up it to avoid the falling ground. Every single moment where you're caught off guard by a sliding slope either ends in you jumping, or jumping and throwing your grappling hook.

    The hook got so much usage I find it funny people would complain about Batmans overuse of the Batmobile but had no problem here. There were many points where you can see the rope around the branch to get to the next area, even if a simple ledge is all you needed. Drake retracting the rope so quickly was funny, especially at the end of the game where you had to hook swing off a point and then hook onto another point despite the rope flaying behind you.

    I was caught by surprise over the couple of areas that had multiple paths to move through. They were fun to explore, even if I got sick of every ledge being highlighted white. Also like the added stealth elements that didn't make the game easier but did give you some room to move around.

    I'm conflicted on the story, I found the first few chapters to be so terrible in pacing and story. First off the game begins 2/3s of the way through the game, shifts back to child Drake, skips ahead to young adult Drake, then skips forward another 15 years. Just to explain why we haven't heard of Sam before (and I laughed at Sams 'death scene' considering the player KNOWS he can't die there).

    That being said, the 'betrayal' scene is one of the best I've seen. Uncharted has tried the betrayer plot twist several times in the past but this is the first time I thought it genuinely worked.

    I've also heard the controversy around Nadine and I was keeping a close eye on her. I think I found the problem with her. The problem with her is that she's the games villain who never gets her comeuppance. She kicks your ass early on (and my main problem with this moment is how obviously scripted it is), she annoys you with her men, tries to blow up several digging sites, kicks your ass a second time, gets her treasures and then... walks away. There's no final battle, nobody clocks her face in, she gets what she wants (while being a bitch about it) and gets away with it. I wouldn't mind if during that second fight it wasn't scripted and you beat her (cause of the DLC), but nothing bad happens to her.
    Yeah, she says she lost so many men, but she gets enough gold to make up for it.

    I was also annoyed at the shift in tone with Rafe. He's presented as a desperate, but also level headed guy. He gives you an out and tries to keep Nadine under control. Even having concern for Drake during the betrayal scene. Then suddenly for no reason he turns into an asshole and tries to kill everybody. Then you have a fight with him despite him being better trained at fencing than you are. He presents the Nadine fight you should have had, you have to beat him, but the story shows him coming out on top. If he stabs you, you die. You have to beat his gameplay before the story takes over. It doesn't work for Nadine cause there's no gameplay to beat.

    On top of that I tried the multiplayer. It's fine, but finding a game was really difficult. Seems likes everybody else had moved on as well, with the remaining people being those who have unlocked everything.

    Also tried Survival and it reveals to me that I'm just naturally better than most people at picking up on new things. That's not bragging or anything, I was playing with people who have put in many, many hours. Enough to get to top rank and get special player icons. Yet, these people were constantly dying. My scores were usually double to them. I once picked up the same person 3 times in the same exact spot cause they couldn't avoid a shotgun blast. We kept losing (cause enemies scale with player amount) and eventually they left, leaving me with just the A.I. buddy. I then knocked out the final waves of the 50 amount by myself. I only died like, 2 during the 50th wave too.

    I think it's a great game, the visuals were amazing. Especially the island scene, which has taking over Uncharted 1. So now I don't think there's a point to playing Uncharted 1, just go from 2 to 4.

    Morning Tay. I am addicted to Stardew valley. This means I need to ask everyone a very important question.
    What do you name your animals?
    Mine are all named after sounds they make with the exception of the dog.

    Also, the kitchen is at a standstill due to the fact that the cosmetic parts of the cabinets is very freaking expensive.

      Man, I really need to dedicate more time to Stardew Valley... I love every time I pick it up and play it, but I haven't even gotten to getting my first animals yet :P
      I keep restarting... And now I've learned that there's multiple layouts to pick from for your farm?
      *Sigh* time to restart... again :P

      What do you name your animals?

      Hehehe. Not to digress too much but that question reminds me of the silly yet effective prank I pulled on my brother while playing Pokemon.

      This was back in the good simple days when there were only 151 Pokemon (Mew still counts as she was in the cartridge but locked away for promotions).

      My starter was Charmander and I named him as such in title case. Fast forward a few months (you most likely can guess what I did by now, :-P) when my brother and I were battling over the game link cable.

      Brother: "Aw, Charmander. How cute."

      [Charizard appears]

      Brother: "WHAT ON EARTH?!"

      I don't know what was funnier, that I did the same for Bulbasaur and Squirtle in that same battle or him trying to strike a balance between having a heart attack while not letting the Game Link cable run out.


    Happy new year! I completely failed to play any pokemon while I was away. :P But I did get nearly 400 pages of Lovecraft read, caught up on some movies, and played a bunch of mahjong, so not gonna complain. Got back on Sunday night, so spent all of yesterday playing FFXV - found Pitioss dungeon (after consulting a wiki to learn how to get to the sidequest objective in that area) and lost 6 hours to that nightmare... but glad I did it. Really cool design to the dungeon, but the movement system is way too unpredictable to do it justice.

      I completely failed to play any pokemon while I was away

      The Guild has sent me to advise you this act will not go unnoticed.....

      But I did get nearly 400 pages of Lovecraft read

      .....The Guild just sent me an email; nothing to see nor report here.....


        That is not dead which can eternal lie,
        And with strange aeons even death may die.

        Omg, most of those stories were freaking amazing. Been reading them more-or-less chronologically, and some of his earlier work was absolute drivel (looking at you, The White Ship, and to a lesser extent Celephais), but Sweet Ermengarde and Herbert West: Reanimator were hilarious in their cheesiness, and The Music of Erich Zann was an absolute masterpiece. Even Cool Air, which I'd never even heard of, is a really neat little tale. And The Thing on the Doorstep, The Lurking Fear, The Rats in the Walls... so good.

          Truth be told, I have not read any of Lovecraft's books.

          It is tempting to see what the hype (for want of a better term) is about but I scare easily so I let the matter rest.

            There are some interesting reads that aren't particularly scary - The Terrible Old Man, The Statement of Randolph Carter, and The Cats of Ulthar (in that order roughly from "relatively tame" to "kinda scary but really neat"; then again, I find it very hard to be scared by literature, so ymmv). Then there are the more classical styled tales like The Tree that are fairly straightforward on the surface, but have a really subtle subtext that changes your entire perspective of the story.

            But I very much prefer tales where he manages to write an oppressive atmosphere, a creeping horror, that just draws you in - stories like The Lurking Fear,Dreams in the Witchhouse, Erich Zann, etc; even something as conceptually simple as The Picture in the House (guy takes shelter from a storm in a house, finds a book with a picture depicting cannibalism in Africa, meets house's Jame Gumb-esque owner) is dripping with atmosphere and latent malice...

      Which LC are/were you reading?

        I'm working my way through this volume, so reading most of his solo work in roughly chronological order. Over the last week, I've read The Terrible Old Man through to Call of Cthulhu, and am currently halfway through Pickman's Model.

          Oh man, you've got some good ones coming up, have you read any of them before? My favourite 3 stories of his are probably At the Mountains of Madness, Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, so enjoy those!

            Yea, it was my second reading of Call of Cthulhu - that being the first Lc book I ever read - and Lurking Fear and Rats in the Walls; have also read Mountains of Madness, Haunter of the Dark, Dreams in the Witch House, Whisperer in Darkness and The Thing on the Doorstep, all of which I absolutely loved. Looking forward to Charles Dexter-Ward, tho the dream tales I've read thus far have me a little more cautious about Kadath, despite all the praise I've heard for it.

            I think Dreams in the Witch House would be in my top three thus far - being fairly logically minded myself, I feel it perfectly describes the descent into madness that comes with trying to make sense of beings like Nyarlathotep. Lurking Fear's up there as well, purely for the reveal of Arthur Munroe's death that undoubtedly influenced nearly every modern slasher flick in existence. :P

            Last edited 04/01/17 12:43 pm

    Okay, small PSA for everyone: I'll be in the USA all this week covering CES.

    Let me know if there's anything in particular you've heard about that you want me to hunt down/try and get hands on with.

      Ryzen, even though i'm team Green & Blue, I wanna know more about the new AMD stuff mainly pricing for Aus! It's unlikely Nvidia will announce it at CES (according to JayzTwoCents) but the 1080Ti. Also Silverstone if they have anything nice for the Fortress line coming up, especially in the ITX/mATX size range.

      Also have fun!

      Get as much detail about anything Nintendo. Be interesting to see if the Switch has learned form the train wreak that was the Wii U.

        Switch stuff will be on the 14th. There's the presentation on the 13th (US time) but there's also a hands-on event in Melbourne that weekend, which I'll be attending. You'll hear all about the Switch the Monday after.




          Jokes aside, I'm pretty much agnostic when gaming. Have en eclectic mix from Atari 2600 to PS4 and PC.

          Am interested in the Switch but the Wii U has made me wonder if anyone in Nintendo still remembers how to make good games now.

          Too few at launch and too far and far between after. Don't get me wrong, Splatoon and Yoshi's Wooly World are fun and well made but the rest of the library is mostly multi-platformers thus giving very few reasons to sell the console.

          Old school I know but (to quote Spock), that is the logical way (to evaluate a console).

          Last edited 04/01/17 9:53 am

            Bayonetta 2 was pretty special, I thought. And Mario Maker really wasn't the same game on 3DS with all the limitations it had there. But I understand your reservations. Really hoping that there's plenty of third party support, lest the Switch ends up with several dry months on end between first-party releases.

              And Mario Maker really wasn't the same game on 3DS with all the limitations it had there. But I understand your reservations.

              Not only that, it wasn't the kind of game for those who wanted to keep their friend, :-P

              Make sure you grill them hard about region locking and whether they're going to be so proscriptive about their content policies with it (the number of Wii U and 3DS games recently that were censored or altered was distressing). I want to know if it'll actually be the PS Vita replacement I hope for or if I can just skip it entirely. Wii U was the worst gaming hardware purchase I've ever made.

    Reading through some of the older TAYs is weeeeeiiiirrd.
    Kept coming past comments thinking "Who is this idiot"... Oh wait, that was me *shoots self*

    Also don't know why I decided to go through old posts... Guess I was trying to figure out exactly when TAY started slowing down... Funnily enough it seems to be around when the first PAX happened. Iiiinteresting.

      I think that's coincidental. The reason TAY slowed down was that major site re-design that made it nigh-unusable on mobile. It also had a number of bug fixes and introduced notifications, and that in turn reduced the amount of spamming that happened to get past Taybreaks etc.

    Jeez guys, I take a TAY break (a TAYcation? HoliTAY?) for a few months and y'all disappear? Where is everyone?

    Edit: I've gone down the rabbit hole, I think we need to agree on a term here. What I've come up with so far:


    Last edited 04/01/17 9:22 am

      I take a TAY break (a TAYcation? HoliTAY?) for a few months and y'all disappear? Where is everyone?

      We didn't go anywhere, you just were not paying attention.

      Just some of the highlights you missed:
      * @weresmurf found some lost making-of from Star Trek TOS and TNG, the highlight of which Shatner and Stewart discussed character and story ideas with Gene Roddenberry himself.
      * @welbot found a technique of overclocking that improved performance with far less heat generation
      * @alexwalker allowed guest articles to be published by us.
      * A group of us even got to do a pod cast on retro games with @markserrels.

      Man, you should have been here.

        But... it's page 1... on a Wednesday!

        All of that sounds awesome though, pretty sad that I missed it! Which retro games got discussed? How retro are we talking?

          Oh god. Where to begin.

          Needless to say, Chrono Trigger and a few other SNES classic were played.

          But the real fun came when @markserrels somehow procured a working Magnavox Odyssey. We had to be gentle and wear gloves but holy cow did we have fun with those old simple games!

          We even took a stab at the Sword Quest games via an Atari 2600 emulator and tried to crack the hidden code in the comics! Atari really knew what they were doing back in the day.

          But, yeah, you should have been there.

        I did?

          No need to be modest; getting a i6700K running at 8GHz with an air fan is nothing to sneeze at.


            True as that may be, are you sure that was my doing?

              Oh god. I'm going to have to stop this joke here; I have no way of filling that gap with comedic effect.

              To everyone who took part, thanks. Made my return to work a laugh. Best of luck to the rest of the year to all of you.

                lel i mean, I know I'm good, but didn't know I was THAT good ;)

      Sorry. I should be back to chatting soon. Just ben taking a break.
      Might do some drawing again soon. Is that what you want?

        Yes. Yes, it is.

        Also, there was some talk of Bobs Burgers bookmarks a while back, was that ever a thing?

        Also, still playing OW? What do you think of the reworked Symmetra? I, for one, hate her.

          I made those already =P

          As for Symmetra, I don't mind the rework, but I still need to get used to using the shield

            So like... can I order some? I'll be your best friend =D

            As for Symmetra, I think her shield generator has too much range - on maps where it's hard to flank, she can place it so far back that you basically have to barrel through their whole team and hope you can get to it before they pop you.

              I need to find an affordable way to print them off. When that happens, I'll let you know.

              As for that, that's when you need a sombra or a Tracer to murder it.

    Welp. Just bought the CPU, PSU & cooler for my new PC. Should arrive either tomorrow or Friday \o/ Next week probably get the fans & optical drive, then all I need is the second SSD & GPU and it's complete. Then I can focus on peripheral upgrades! Which is just the monitors & maybe a new keyboard.

    La La Land is real good.

    real good.

      Haven't seen that yet. Doesn't start here until tomorrow.

      On a side note, Passengers is good, totally recommend it. Also, Assassin's Creed is crap, seriously, don't waste your money.

    LOLWUT. Centrelink think I owe them $2,200 because I held 2 jobs over 3 years ago with EB Games & Dan Murphy's & that I didn't report my income correctly. Well I think this is a load of shit since I handed in my payslips to both Centrelink & Salvation Army Employment Plus like I was instructed to along with reporting my income every fortnight on my Centrelink profile as instructed which either left me with less than $100 a fortnight from Centrelink (sometimes as little as $1) or nothing at all. I only had these 2 jobs for maybe 3 months, over the Christmas period, Dan Murphy's was 3-5 days a week & EB Games was 1 - 2 days a week, I earned over the course of the few months maybe a $1,000 more than NewStart & with NewStart it was sort of enough to get by.

    Now they sent me a letter this morning all "Since you've been employed & off Newstart for over 12 months we will give you $2,500 for being a good boy & if you stay in this position for another 12 months we'll give you another $4,000" haha what the fuck, first off they're trying to punish me, now they want to reward me?

      Centrelink are utterly useless. Also, since when do they give bonuses for staying employed?

        They have for a while, but I think it's for people who had been on newstart for quite a while, I was on it for a little over 3 years, always hated being on it. But yeah I dunno.

        Yeah they are useless, a mate of mine said they reckon he owes them 2 grand & he hasn't been able to work in over 2 years due to hand injuries that required operations. I'll get it figured out in the end. But what I can figure is, I would've gotten a maximum of 4 or maybe 6 payments over that period, none of them were anywhere near full Newstart allowance lol. Idiots.

      The whole Centrelink debacle is incredibly stupid. It seems like no one thought to check their data-mined information before sending out thousands of letters which is an utterly absurd mistake.

      Hope you manage to get it sorted quickly.

        I'll get there. My problem is I work 6 days a week most weeks at the moment, like today & tomorrow are meant to be days off, i'm now working both those days, so I have limited time to deal with anything & we all know you need full days to deal with Centrelink.

      There was fuck up in the programming to catch out Centrelink cheats. So a whole bunch of people have received letters claiming they owed Centrelink money. Last I heard, they're still asking for the money though

        Centrelink? More like Centrestink, amiright?


        I'll see myself out.

          They need worse then that.

        fuck up in the programming Sounds like the program was fucked up before it even began.

    So, anyone here playing Dota? If yes, what're your impressions of 7.01?

    @alexwalker: TAY is still not showing up in the RSS feed and I noticed today it doesn't seem to get a link auto-posted to Twitter by the Kotaku AU account either. Makes it hard to keep track of which one is current.

    God damn it Umart. The CPU I ordered is now "out of stock" yet it clearly states on your website that it is in stock at the Gold Coast store where I ordered it from, but that's okay it's in stock at your Milton store just transfer it from there for me, alright.

    Because I have nothing else to post, here's pictures of my dog and the Neighbours cats I'm feeding.

      Your dog looks like s/he is ready to trash-talk some 12 year olds on xbox live...

      ... in other words, glorious.

        He, but most people think he is a she.

          Haha it's the opposite for me, everyone thinks Chilli is a male, I guess because Red Dog..

          Last edited 05/01/17 2:50 pm

            It could also be eyelashes. He has nice eyelashes

      "Welcome to Tech Support, we noticed your internet connection is a little ruff"

    @virus__ A good summary of centrelink debt issues that a friend shared on facebook

      Cheers mate!

      Yeah this is exactly how I saw it when it came about & what dad was talking about the other night. I know i'm in for a shit fight, but I should get there.

      I just have to try & get a hold of my pay slips from Dan Murphy's, which will be interesting since I don't even know where to ask now everything has changed since I worked there & now Employment Plus had them on file, but they're now gone from this area after losing out on their contract with the gov't. At least EB Games is easy since they emailed them to me every fortnight & I still have those sitting there in my email.

      It's a nightmare, but what can you expect from this government who think they're doing their utmost best, when in fact it's the total opposite.

    To any programmers/game devs, an interesting discussion/reflection on the evolution of Destiny's asset management system (ie. why their build process was so, so terrible).

    Just singed up to switch to NBN! :0

    Unlimited 100/40 connection via HFC network, and it's $15 a month cheaper than what I pay for 500gb adsl/phone line!

    SO HYPE!1111!!!!!!!!11!!!!

      JELLY! :(
      ** - ADSL2+ :P
      Congrats buddy, you deserve it :)

      Last edited 05/01/17 2:53 pm

        hehehe I know the feeling! I didn't expect I'd be getting it anywhere near this soon! Even though I got the message yesterday saying I could switch, I thought it would be too costly to make the switch for me at present. Finding out I could do it for $1 up front was just golden!
        Once it's active, I can finally cancel my phone line with Telstra, so one less bill to pay! Can't believe it'll be cheaper per month than what I pay now! :D

          Indeed sounds like a really good deal!
          I'll have to check the map again but last time I checked months ago, NBN planning was spreading in the direction opposite my place, towards those nicer small village areas that look like sections of the neighbourhood only the rich would be in :P

          Just checked. Jan-Jun 2019... welp I guess I should be happy it is actually happening at all at least

          Last edited 05/01/17 3:41 pm

            heh damn :\ But you're right. At least you know it's coming, and the fact they even have the months there means they've actually got it properly scheduled, not just "we'll get to it eventually"

      So jelly... my address only just got announced as 'planned'.

        In November, mine said it was planned for the next 3 yrs.
        December rolls around, and suddenly orders had been sent to begin construction!
        Yesterday I got an sms from my ISP saying I could switch! :)

        I have been "planned" since the beginning. I've pretty much given up =P

          They updated the map in December, so a lot of places that had no eta now do.

            No, I checked recently. "planned"

              Bummer :(

                I'm not bothered by it anymore. I live in a safe labor electorate and we're pretty used to getting shafted =/

      Woo! Still waiting for my suburb to get put on the list, myself. Had a bit of a chuckle at Exetel's ads all over the place - "The speed you want, at a price you can afford, in a suburb near you." Not actually to your suburb, just somewhere adjacent. :P

      Huh, just rechecked, and my suburb's been added to the "Planned" list, but no date other than "we're committed to completing the rollout by 2020." Not sure if real progress or empty placation.

      Last edited 05/01/17 4:03 pm

        Aw bugger. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
        I have to laugh at some of the ads I've seen too. Especially ones that claim to have the best rates etc. My tweet about this got liked by NBNSP today. I looked at their profile, and it says "An Internet Service Provider with the best unlimited plans in Australia"
        Go to their site and look, and for the plan I'm going on, they're charging $130 a month! :0
        Mine's $59! Best my ASS!

          Who is that with for $59 a month? That's a wicked deal.

            MyRepublic. It is indeed a wicked deal! By far the best plan I've found yet.
            It's $59 a month if you go with a 12 month contract, or $69 without contract.
            You can also pay $69 a month for a special gamer connection, with static IP and supposedly lower latency, but I can't imagine it'd be that bad without forking out the extra $10. I don't play like I used to though. Perhaps if I was playing in Quake or CS Tournaments I might consider it, but my friend gets pings of 10ms on his Telstra HFC connection, so I can't imagine mine would be much worse.
            I have to laugh at Telstra's deal though. He's on 100mbit down (which he pays extra for) and 2mbit up. He only gets 200gb/month, and if he goes over, he gets capped at 64kb LOL
            All for the princely sum of around $110 a month!

            Last edited 06/01/17 1:03 pm

              Oh yeah them! My mate said he'll be switching to them when the NBN rolls around. I'm getting connected next month to the NBN i'm gonna ditch Telstra, for something better, probably MyRepublic. My only problem is I still need a landline phone regardless of where I go, because parents & that's the only number that we like some people being able to contact us on lol.

                You can port your landline number to MyRepublic afaik. I opted for no phone cos I only use mobile, and while the phone line would be included in the package, I just have no need for it, so went without. Can't wait to cancel my Telstra account for that!

    Heads up to anyone who has an inclination for metal:
    Gorguts, Ulcerate, Departe, Psycroptic, King Parrot, and Hadal Maw are part of various Australian tours throughout Feb and March.

      To add to this list - Refused/Sick of it all, Killswitch Engage/Fallujah, Opeth, Meshuggah/Thy Art is Murder

    So Umarts pricing on Kaby Lake is well interesting.. The i7 7700k is cheaper than the i7 6700k but the i5 7600k is more expensive than the 6600k, what..? Also still no sign of my CPU being in stock, jerks :/ I feel like I should contact them and ask them to transfer my order to a store with stock..

      There's 2 different versions of the 7700. One's 4.2GHz, and one's 3.8. The latter is cheaper, but the former is more expensive (just)
      Same deal with the i5. One's 3.8 and one's 3.5.

      Last edited 06/01/17 1:13 pm

        This was the 7700k I was looking at lol. I mean I know i'm silly just not that silly :P

          well the pricing I've seen shows the 7700k is $505, and the 6700K is $499

          Last edited 06/01/17 2:03 pm

            Yeah the pricing has now changed on the Umart website, the 7700k went from $470 to $505 which is weird cause that made it cheaper than the 6700k at $479.. Likewise the 6600k is $365 where as a 7600k is $355 atm lol.

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