The Classification Board Just Rated Wing Commander

In a bit of a surprise twist, the Classification Board has come out with a gem today: the Wing Commander games have been given a rating.

It's not the first time Wing Commander has come across the Classification Board's desk, but that's because the games first came out in the 1990's. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw three listings today: Wing Commander 1, Wing Commander 2 and Wing Commander: Privateer.

The classification date is January 30, and EA is listed as the applicant. Here's all three of the listings, which don't give away much beyond indicating that the applications are related to the original games.

Images: Classification Board

The last time Wing Commander popped up was when EA started giving away the originals through Origin, as part of their "On The House" program. That was a couple of years ago, however, and not much has happened with the originals beyond popping up on the odd Star Citizen livestream.

It's intriguing, nonetheless, that Wing Commander of all games would get rated again. I've flicked a note to EA asking what's up, but it's hard not to think about the possibilities. It is the 20th anniversary of Privateer this year, after all.

Wing Commander on consoles, anyone?

Update: After getting back to me, EA mentioned simply that the three Wing Commander games in question had never been rated. And that's true: while other Wing Commander games were rated while EA was the publisher, including Wing Commander: Prophecy, Wing Commander 3 and 4, the first two never were, and neither was Privateer.

So the question still stands: why is EA submitting 20+ years old games to the Classification Board? When asked further, an EA representative simply said that "we won't be making any further comments".


    Ha ha ha ha, cue the announcement of Squadron 42 coming to consoles... Oh this will be good.

    The classification date is January 30, and EA is listed as the applicant.

    Does this mean I have to pay $5 for each story mission and $10 for each side mission?

    3 game collection for Switch for $99.95. You heard it here first!

      Graphics will have to be downgraded though.

    That reminds me, I still have WC I through IV and Privateer sitting in my GOG collection.

    I have all of these on my GOG account and I gotta say, they're a tough play these days. Dey are ooooooooooold.

    Still playing Wing Commander and Secret Missions on my PSP. Would love a PS4 collection!

    Heres hoping they are getting ready to release privateer on iOS devices. Id absolutely LOVE that!

    I would love a non dosbox release of these. It runs like crap in dosbox.

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