Here’s Two Decent 4K TVs With HDR For Under $1200

Here’s Two Decent 4K TVs With HDR For Under $1200

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your TV and you don’t need a 60″ or 65″ monster, there’s two TVs on sale today that will get the job done for not a great deal of money.

First cab off the rank is Sony with their 49″ KD-49X8000D 4K HDR TV. It’s currently available through Sony direct for $1199, a $900 saving.

Most importantly for everyone here, the X8000D holds up well when gaming at 4K – and when gaming with HDR on. According to Rtings, the input latency at 4K is 35.3 ms. That drops to 33.2ms when playing at 4K with HDR (both at a refresh rate of 60Hz, in case you’re interested). Those figures might seem fairly high for those used to the 1ms and 2ms quoted by PC monitors, but for a TV it’s not too bad.

But it’s not the only TV that’s on sale today, and it’s not the cheapest or fastest either. Over at JB Hi-Fi, you can grab the Samsung 6 series KU6000 55″ 4K HDR TV for just under $1100.

The 55″ and 65″ Samsung models from last year had input lag of around 20-25ms when playing in 4K with HDR enabled. The KU6500 and KU6600 series are some of the best TVs you can get for 4K HDR gaming, once all the post-processing options are disabled, although curiously I found very little info on the KU6000 series specifically.

They’re both decent all-round TVs. For some extra background, I asked Gizmodo’s Campbell what he thought of the two and he suggested the Sony: it supports Android TV, which means you get Chromecast out of the gate without needing extra hardware. The X8000D also supports 10 bit colour depth for HDR, which gamers will get the most use out of. Either way, however, you’re getting a decent deal.


    • I find it fairly amusing that we now consider 49″ and 55″ TVs “small”.
      I still have a 40″ Plasma!
      And that always seems large enough for me.

        • True enough I suppose.
          But surely at some point unless you get a media room you hit a size limit.
          It just becomes too big to be in the lounge room.
          When I eventually upgrade my TV I think I will go for a 55″ maybe 60″ and keep that for ages.

  • Also the Samsung is not true HDR it’s only a 8 bit panel so will not receive the full benefit of HDR content. If you want real HDR you need to buy the series 8 and above for Samsung.

  • i bought the samsung 55″ one for $600 from JBs boxing day sale a few months ago. for that price it was definitely worth it. $1k aint bad either.

  • Both have been a shitload cheaper recently, as in under $1000. You can sometimes get the Hisense 65″ series 7 for under $1200 which is an arguably better screen than either. My preference is for the Sony for its Android smart TV OS. I’ve been able to install Kodi and exodus on it.

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