Podcast: GameStop's Circle Of Life

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, we're talking about Nioh; E3 going public; and GameStop's controversial, aggressive Circle of Life program.

First up, Kirk and Jason talk about the past week's big news. Then, Kotaku's Heather Alexandra joins the show for some Nioh and Resident Evil 7 talk. We wrap things up by answering a couple of reader questions and talking about the games we've been playing.

You can listen to this week's episode on iTunes or Google Play, or directly here. (MP3 download here.)


    It's funny, people bemoan the fact that paid DLC has become so prominent in most major games now and say that is developer / publisher greed that has fuelled it.
    The real reason it exists (to the degree it does) is that DLC is the publishers answer to the used game market at places like EB and JB. If they're going to be cut out of their revenue on someone buying the game, they'll lock siginificant parts behind a digital paywall so if you want the full experience, they will actualy receive some money from it.

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