Rainbow Six: Siege Revamping Competitive Play, Deemphasising Pesky Microtransactions

Rainbow Six: Siege Revamping Competitive Play, Deemphasising Pesky Microtransactions

In a new dev diary, Ubisoft Montreal outlined changes for Rainbow Six: Siege‘s second year. Alongside plans to revamp the roster of operators, competitive leagues will be restructured and cash-free loot provided to all players.

Years in Siege have four seasons that add eight new operators and at least four new maps. However, some of the best changes this year are not added content but usability tweaks and community adjustments. The first among these are alterations to the game’s competitive scene.

To help develop the game’s pro scene, the team is pouring focus on the PC version and expanding the number of leagues. There is a profession league, a higher tier Challenger league and a community focused GO4 league. Console version will add their own Major leagues.

Loot will be altered as well to (hopefully) reduce spending on in game currency. Players will now receive loot merely by playing the game. No need to horde up credits for special purchases or choose between cool gun skins. The more you play, the larger your arsenal will get. That definitely sound better than spending five bucks on a bunch of credits.

There’s small stuff as well. Menu changes and easier matchmaking. But with these changes, you might just go and kick some butt in the Challenger league with a totally free and totally kick arse new gun. And I’m definitely all for that.


  • I’m all for the easier MM, trying to find and play games of R6 (especially with friends) is painful and laborious.

      • I’m more talking about how long it takes to even get in game (party create), and the amount of times friends and people in general get dropped going in game.

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