Remember When Getting On Steam Meant Something?

There used to be something special about being an indie game on Steam.

Releasing on Steam tomorrow is a type of game that’s increasingly common on Valve’s digital marketplace. It’s called Oldschool Tennis, or possibly Old School Tennis. It’s hard to know, because it’s written two different ways on the store page:

At first glance, it looks like a slightly tweaked version of Pong. And then you read the Steam description, and it’s almost unabashedly that:

In 1972 appeared the first arcade machine.
In the same year appeared the first home version.
In 1973 many companies make clones of the consoles have, it was created about 7000 versions of this console.

It’s almost like someone thought, “How can I reference Pong as much as possible without actually saying it so I don’t get in trouble for violating copyright?”

Oldschool Tennis comes with “Smart AI” for singleplayer, what appears to be a chiptunes soundtrack and online multiplayer. It’s only $US0.59 right now, which admittedly isn’t a great deal. And when I mean multiplayer, I mean “multyplayer”.

But it’s also the principle of the matter: this game is unashamedly Pong, which you can actually buy on Steam as part of the Atari Vault collection. Whether someone told them that “many companies make clones of the consoles” aka. Old School Tennis was launching this week, I don’t know.

I miss the days when Steam curation was a thing.

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