The Final Moments Of Asheron’s Call

The Final Moments Of Asheron’s Call

Seventeen-year-old MMORPG Asheron’s Call shut down for good today at 4:00AM AEDT. Beloved characters gathered one final time, and then disappeared.

Mass disconnects as the servers go down, via Rob Williams on YouTube.

One of the earliest full 3D fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Asheron’s Call and its sequel Asheron’s Call 2 were shut down today as the games’ developer goes one way and its licence goes another.

So the players gathered, reuniting with old friends, going on one last run together before the worlds’ lights went out. The image atop this post is taken from a particularly dazzling final moments video from Rob Williams on YouTube, who managed to capture the vibrant glow of the mass forced disconnect.

Sparta from YouTube’s The Uber Newbs streamed a more solitary farewell to the game, retreating to a tower as the servers went down.

Some massively multiplayer games host huge, colourful events to mark their closing. Asheron’s Call, which saw its last content release in 2014, simply turned off.

While most of the attention has been on the older, more popular original, Andrew and MJ of Massively Overpowered dual-streamed the final moments in both games.

As for Julien, the 74-year-old grandfather who’s played Asheron’s Call since launch, I’ve been informed by Blizzard that he and his granddaughters have been hooked up with copies of World of Warcraft, a 12-year-old MMO, to keep him playing now that AC is no more.


  • Never played, but seeing them all disappear made me sad. A final hurrah before being turned into the pink nether.

  • Good on Blizz for hooking the grandfather up. He’ll be running around ganking noobs in no time.

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