A Nintendo Switch Dock Fit For Zelda

One of the more common refrains against the Switch of late is that it's pretty much just a nice machine to play Zelda on. And it is. So if that's what you're planning on doing, you might as well get a nice Zelda box to house it in.

The box is a hand-crafted wooden box, courtesy of Fabio Zambelli, Silvia Berbenni and Roberto Ferri. It's basically a little trunk that houses the Switch's dock, with a Noctua fan for additional cooling (because you'd want the trunk closed, obviously) and USB and HDMI extension cables.

It's not an official creation from Nintendo, obviously, but I think I'd rather have a custom job like this. Some expansions would be cool too: get a charging station going in the front, maybe a slot in the back for a faux Master Sword.

It'll be fun to see what mods people make for the charging station down the road, besides the obvious padding inclusions (to protect the screen and all). This isn't a bad start though. I wonder what a Super Mario Odyssey station would look like - a giant tube for cooling, maybe?

You can check out the rest of the photos on Heart of the Orient.


    I'd really like to do something like this but the docks are very expensive to be pulling apart....

      From what I saw, the dock has barely any circuitry in it, and should be pretty safe to pull apart without risking damage. Kind of ridiculous that they're charging so much for something so flimsy.

        Oh yeah I know that, but I'd want to have cheap access to another one in case I fuck it up.

          That's what I do with my PS3s. I have a super slim I bought when my slim stopped working, but then I repaired the slim and am now using because my super slim is having overheating issues. I'm just about to crack open the super slim and re-seat the heat sink. It gives me peace of mind that if I stuff up, I won't be without a PS3 (touch wood).

      I think this mod just houses the Dock and he didn't actually take it apart. From what I can see he just uses an extension HDMI and USB cable and installed a fan in the chest to keep it cool.
      It looks too bulky for my liking and I would imagine possible sync issues with the Joy-con's.

    Because the best way to fix the connectivity problems with the joy-cons is to encase the main console's antennas in a chunk of wood :)

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