Australian Times For This Weekend's Splatoon 2 Beta

This weekend Nintendo is doing the Splatoon 2 beta thing. They're calling it a testfire because Nintendo flat out refuses to use the same language as other video games. Let's call it what it is: a beta.

I am very excited. Here are the Australian times!

I say Australian times because this isn't one of those betas that lasts for an extended time. It's a beta that runs during very specific times. Meaning you won't be able to play outside these particular hours:

Saturday March 25th:

06:00am – 06:59am

14:00pm – 14:59pm

22:00pm – 22:59pm

Sunday March 26th:

06:00am – 06:59am

14:00pm – 14:59pm

22:00pm – 22:59pm

I actually see this as quite friendly to Australians. Put it this way: it could have been way worse given our timezone.

This is gonna be a lot of fun. My only concern: it's gonna be flat out full of people who are amazing at Splatoon. Take it easy on Old Man Serrels will ya?


    Is that EST?

      AEDT. Put it in Google and it will translate to your local time.

    Not going to be personally participating in the test-fire since I still don't have a Switch, but yay hope everyone else has fun :)

    I never played Splatoon, but I was planning on having a go at this. How much am I going to die?

      Probably a lot, but most people are too. Biggest tip is to actually play the objective, ensuring paint coverage, rather than looking for a K/D ratio

      Avoiding enemies and focusing on painting can often get your team the win while everyone else is fighting for survival in the middle! Having said that, being mindful of your surroundings and making sure you're comfortable with the camera/aiming so that you're not always looking at the ground is important.

        Or if you can sneak past the battle and start painting the enemy territory. They'll have to repaint that giving your whole team a chance to push the battle forward.

    Adelaide times will apparently be half hour earlier than the above listed according to Vooks. Good thing I'm usually up early anyway, loved the original Splatoon so I'm definitely going to try give this one a go before buying. Expecting more of the same but that's not a bad thing!

    Here's the time listing for AEDT, ACDT and AWST according to Vooks

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    They're calling it a testfire because Nintendo flat out refuses to use the same language as other video games.To be fair, even games that have betas aren't necessarily using the same language as other games :P

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