Tetris 99’s New Splatoon Theme Adds A Perfect Amount Of Pop

This weekend, Tetris 99 is holding its fifth Maximus Cup, and this time, it’s pairing up with Splatoon 2 in honour of that game’s final Splatfest happening next weekend. The partnership means that Tetris 99 has added a special timed Splatoon theme. It’s a match made in Tetromino heaven.

The Maximus Cup will run until 4:59PM AEST on Monday, July 15. Players who participate in the game’s main mode will all get to experience the Splatoon theme by earning points as they play. To unlock the theme for yourself permanently, you’ll need 100 points total. Placement will determine the amount of points you receive and is as follows:

Watch the clip above for my sweet victory and to see me actually unlock the theme.

The Splatoon theme fits so perfectly with Tetris and the music is also a very welcome addition. I adore the music in the Splatoon series, so it’s nice to hear it add life to this already heart-pounding game.

I’ll admit, I was pretty harsh on the game when it first released, but I have come around to it a little more since it has added single-player modes and these fun themed challenges. If the game continues this momentum, I’m really hopeful for its future.

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