Get Ready For More Nier: Automata Cosplay 

Now Nier: Automata is out in Japan and soon coming to the West, expect more and more cosplayers to bring the main android protagonist to life.

[Photo: Dzikan | Cosplayer: Disharmonica]

Nier: Automata isn't new per se. I mean, 2B outfits were already making their way through the internet last spring.

But in the past month, there has already been quite a bit of 2B cosplay, and I don't see that subsiding any time soon. Cosplay is often a good gauge to judge how popular a game or an anime is with fans. Nier: Automata certainly has its fans in Japan and aboard.

[Image: Misa Chiang | Facebook]

Expect to see more this year. And maybe next!

[Photo: Dzikan | Cosplayer: Disharmonica]


    Maybe someone should zip these up and send them to Yoko Taro every week too?

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