Here's The Cheapest Copies Of Horizon Zero Dawn in Australia

A heads up if you didn't know already: Horizon Zero is good. It's very good. Personally, it's probably my favourite video game since Bloodborne. Yep. That good. If you have a PS4 you probably want to at least think about picking this game up.

Here are the best deals we've found so far.

Big W: $69

No online link to this, but catalogues have shown it retailing at $69. Seems like the cheapest out there. Cheapest I've seen at least.

Update: The online link is live now. Still $69.

JB Hi-Fi: $79

%79, as you're about to see, seems to be the standard at retail for this game.

Target: $79

Again, I'm finding it difficult to dig up a link, but Target is selling Horizon: Zero Dawn for $79.

Mighty Ape: $75

Not bad. Not bad at all.

EB Games: $99.95

As always, EB Games doesn't give a crap about appearances. They'll take you for $99.95 unless you ask for a price match.

OzGameShop: $74.95

Decent price for sure, especially if you can't pick up the Big W one.

PlayStation Network: $79.95

Not too bad if you'd rather have the thing on your hard drive.

The Gamesmen: $77

I always like to support these guys when I can, considering their story (and the fact they generally do great deals).

Dungeon Crawl: $79.56

Not quite as good as some of the others, but still pretty damn good.

Seen any better deals? Let us know in the comments.


    Awesome, preordered at EB when I bought my PSPro (just dropped a tenner on it), will just get them to pricematch BigW.

      [Wait's for Weresmurf to get his copy.]


      [Runs off while Weresmurf is distracted again with 'Smurf's copy of the game.]

      Last edited 27/02/17 12:00 pm

        I've been in a corner sad all morning over Bill Paxton :( Take it... just take it :(

        Not even Colm and Siddig El Fadil getting back together for some banter could cheer me up :(

        Last edited 27/02/17 12:05 pm

          What if Dax wandered in eating an apple?

    I got my Horizon pre-order with Ozgamshop for $64.99 incl. shipping. Had to use some points to get $10 off but worth it!

    I'll probably get it from OzGameshop, because the points will tip me over for getting $10 off Persona 5 when it comes out in April. (Assuming it does actually come out in April. Things seem very quiet in regards to Persona 5 promotion.)

    I can't shop at OzgameShop anymore. If I'm buying the game at release, I need it RIGHT NOW not in 3 or 4 days when it gets to me by mail. Sometimes it takes a week from those guys. So now I just go to EB or JB and get them to pricematch the cheapest.

      Yeah, I have plenty of player points and I still find the price difference negligible too. Horizon was cheaper at Big W, Zelda is the same price. Why wait? Btw, try to support the retailer that offers the best price if you can. Businesses like Target and Big W may exit gaming altogether if we don't. Kmart already dropped all gaming product lines for example.

        Yeah good point man. I usually go to Big W but JB was having a pre-order thingy... so I price matched and got some kind of DLC that'll probably make NO difference to my playthrough. But I'm a whore for DLC.

        God they've got me exactly where they want me. I'm 36 years old and pre-order, buy DLC, have bought season passes. My gaming life is like a guidebook of what you SHOULDN'T do.

    Preorder from JB hi-fi on its way, hopefully gets here on release day ?

    Big W is consistently hitting great prices for games, I've been getting lots there. Wife's employee discount doesn't hurt either.

    As always, EB Games doesn't give a crap about appearances

    Did I miss something? what does appearances have to do with it?

      They appear to be overpriced, which is normal, and they dont care that they appear that way.

      I went around the various local stores (ie, three) and compared prices, and both Target and JB HiFi had it sketched in at around $80, while EB was $100. You can see all 3 stores at once they are that close.

      EB would know the other two are $80, but policy means they wont change the shelf price to match. So if someone isnt aware that 30m away is a copy thats $20 less, EB will happily just take the free money.

      And because they sit at the top of the tree in terms of game retail, EB doesnt care that they appear to be ripping people off.

        I get that, I think it was just worded strangely. Seemed like a personal attack against the retailer.

        Of recent iv been picking up games at EB because they are cheaper than steam

          Fair call. I read it as a generalisation myself, and (to me at least) a pretty accurate one. For the most part, EB is overpriced compared to other bricks and mortar stores. For new games they are very consistent with it. On the shelf at least, EB has been around $20 more expensive for pretty much every AAA title in recent times.

          Having said that, like you, I've also been picking up games there because they are cheaper than Steam. As its part of my lunch time walk (past there, JB, and randomly Target), its pretty easy to compare the three stores if theres something out I'm interested in.

    Got the special edition from JB. I'm a little disappointed, I thought the art book would have more pages and they stuck the worlds strongest sticker on the cover which has left a strong residue. Prior to reviews I thought it would be a strong title hence the pre order, despite the packages short comings I'm glad I got it just based on how much people love the game.

    Picked it up for $69 at Big W this morning. The clerk also said that their store (Epping, Vic) were getting 12 total copies of Wii U Breath of the Wild, so not all that many. As always please support the retailer that offers the cheapest price instead of price matching right away. Target and Big W could stop selling games altogether otherwise.

    I picked it up from EB Games this morning and they price matched to $69. Not bad, played it all day. I'm enjoying it a lot but sadly I'll have to put it aside for a while after tomorrow night regardless of how far through I am because well....Zelda...

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