Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Horizon Forbidden West In Australia

Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Horizon Forbidden West In Australia
Image: Sony
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Over here at Kotaku Australia, we’ve been buzzing with anticipation as we await the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, especially now that the reviews are flying in. In our review, we’ve dubbed Horizon Forbidden West as “PlayStation 5’s first true blockbuster, an example of surprising design restraint, perfecting already strong and introducing sensible, enjoyable new ones when the time is right.”

Now, while you prepare to reunite with Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West, you can spend some time checking out where to find a cheap copy ahead of the game’s February 18 release date.

This PlayStation exclusive takes place in a dangerous frontier jam-packed with decaying landscapes, threatening new machines (read: robot dinosaurs) and new tribes to encounter. In the expansive, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon, storms and an unstoppable blight endanger the existence of humanity.

Taking place six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy realises that the Earth is facing another extinction, but no one knows why. It’s up to her to yet again uncover why the land is dying. But on her epic adventure, Aloy will discover a secret that will change her forever.

Where can you get Horizon Forbidden West for cheap?

Horizon Forbidden West, as captured on PS5
Image: Guerilla Games/PlayStation

For those looking for a hard copy, the standard edition for Horizon Forbidden West bears a full price of $124.95 for PS5 and $109.95 for PS4.

If you want to save a few extra bucks, Sony CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West will be the last PS4 game that can be upgraded to to the PS5 version for free. Upcoming first-party exclusive games such as God of War and Gran Turismo 7 will now cost an additional $10 to upgrade.

For PS4, you can find the cheapest copy of Horizon Forbidden West at Amazon Australia and Harvey Norman for $78, while Kogan, Dick Smith, Big W and JB Hi-Fi have discounted their copies down to $79. It’s the same case if you’re lucky enough to own a PS5, with Amazon Australia toting $98 and JB Hi-Fi close behind with $99.

If you pre-order before February 18, you’ll also receive the Nora Legacy digital bonuses, which includes a new customisation outfit for Aloy and a cool spear for her to equip.

Here’s where you can pick up Horizon Forbidden West in Australia:

Now if you’re a sucker for bonus content and collectible goodies, there’s also Special Edition available. Aside from the game itself and the Nora Legacy bonus, you’ll also receive a steelbook display case, mini art book and a copy of the digital soundtrack.

At present, the Special Edition is priced at $124.95 and $139.95 for PS4 and PS5, respectively. Most of the retailers have stuck to their guns with this one, while Amazon Australia and JB Hi-Fi have dropped 95 cents from their copies.

Here’s where you can grab the Special Edition of Horizon Forbidden West from:

Back in September 2021, Sony announced that there would be a whopping nine different editions of the sequel to the bestselling Horizon series. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to pre-order a copy of Horizon Forbidden West: Collector’s Edition or Regalla Edition, there’s currently no stock at any Australian retailer.

According to a tweet from EB Games back in September, the Collector’s Edition was available in limited supply and pre-sold out quickly due to demand. But if we spot any copies, we’ll be sure to update this article.

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  • If you have a PS5 with disc drive, you can buy the PS4 copy and get the PS5 upgrade for free. This is the last Sony first party title that will allow this.

    • Logged in just to say the same thing, absolutely astounded that they are charging $20 more for a game that works on one less platform.

    • > If you want to save a few extra bucks, Sony CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West will be the last PS4 game that can be upgraded to to the PS5 version for free. Upcoming first-party exclusive games such as God of War and Gran Turismo 7 will now cost an additional $10 to upgrade.

      The article made that clear, when I read it at least.

  • I’ve found the process of updating PS4 games to the PS5 so annoying that I’d happily pay an extra $20 to not have to do it!

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