Here's The Cheapest Copies Of Mass Effect: Andromeda

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If you're looking to pick up a copy of Bioware's latest space epic, here's the cheapest copies you can find around the country and online.

JB Hi-Fi

PC: $59 PS4/XBO: $69

$59 for a retail copy on PC is a pretty good deal, considering EA are charging $89.99 through Origin for the standard edition.

Mighty Ape

PC/PS4/XBO: $69

Uniform price across all platforms, and parity with JB Hi-Fi on consoles.

The Gamesmen

PC/PS4/XBO: $78

Fairly standard for a AAA launch from The Gamesmen here. Worth noting that you probably won't want to get the PC version: it's a download code only, and the price doesn't match up well against online retailers offering the same thing.

EB Games

PC: $89.95 PS4/XBO: $99.95

EB's running a deal where you can get any version of the game for $59 if you trade in a PS4, XBO or Nintendo Switch game. Probably not a bad deal, as most people probably have a game or two they don't play that they can offload.

Big W

(Online) PS4/XBO: $84 (In-store) PS4/XBO: $75

Press Start reported that Big W will be selling Andromeda for $75 in-store, but it'll set you back $84 through their online store.

Origin (PC Only)

Standard Edition: $89.99 Deluxe Edition: $99.99 Super Deluxe Edition: $119.99

The only difference between the deluxe and super deluxe editions is a weekly multiplayer booster pack every week for 20 weeks, which seems a thorough waste of money. The deluxe edition comes with the soundtrack, a range of skins and weapons, and some booster packs on the side as well.


PS4/XBO: $79

Target Australia confirmed the price earlier this week via Twitter, as they often do. Fairly standard for a AAA game, really.

Harvey Norman

PS4/XBO: $69

Decent offer from old mate Gerry, here.


PC (Origin key): $67.99 PS4/XBO: $73.99

Decent offerings, but if you buy anything bar the Origin key you'll have to factor in lengthy shipping time.


XBO/PS4 (US version): $79.71 PS4/XBO (Europe): $93


PC/PS4/XBO (download only): $78.11

Decent enough price for digital codes from Amazon. It'll be fun to see how prices for keys change once Amazon opens up properly in Australia.


PC (Origin key): ~$66-70

For those that have no qualms about buying through marketplaces, you'll have to fork out at least $66.


PC (Origin key): $61.18

Again, if you don't mind venturing into this part of the internet you can save a few dollars (although the boxed offer from JB Hi-Fi is still cheaper).


PC (Origin key): ~$58-66

Not for everyone, but the price is pretty reasonable if you don't mind buying from an aggregator.

So those are the cheapest copies of Mass Effect: Andromeda in-store and online. See a price you like, or are you holding off on Andromeda until later in the year?


    hmm that 10% tax in 3 months is going to put the digital almost directly with retail

    Last edited 22/03/17 12:39 pm

      It already is on the major storefronts, isn't it? I know you'd be hard pressed to find a digital Xbox game cheaper than in store.

        I usually get my steam/PC games cheaper than most places... but there is going to be a shake up soon with the gov making digital retailers put 10% on in end june...

        . still... like I have any money im australian!

    I'll be getting it from EB as usual. Girlfriend works there so price-match or staff discount. Whichever turns out to be cheapest.

    Is it actually released yet?

      It has everywhere else in the world... you can use a vpn if you want to play immediately.

      @knuddy aka Mack - Did you ever used to play the game Star Wars Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith on the MSN Gaming Zone under the alias CmdrKeen?

      Last edited 26/05/17 5:51 pm

    GreenManGaming has it for (after conversion) about $60 AUD ($48 USD).
    You have to register an account to get that price, though the unregistered price is pretty marginal.

    Green man gaming has it for US$44.50 so around AU$58 for the std version - PC

      I'm showing a VIP price of $47.99, same as DrBoon above. Where are you seeing $44.50, did you apply a coupon?

        Hmmm, I just logged in to gmg now, and it is 47.99. I could have sworn it was like $44.50 yesterday? I am sure of it actually... I worked it out, at an exchange rate of usd1:1.3aud to get to $58.

          Weird, maybe they had a temporary discount. I preordered mine from them on the 28th of February and it was 47.99 then too. I was just curious if I missed a coupon or something to get the price down lower, gotta save those few extra dollars :)

    Pretty sure the JBHIFI price is online only and they only ship you a download code. At least that's what the website says. Happy to be wrong! Want to be wrong.

      Makes sense in a way. Save money, you're locked into origin anyway, and everyone has superfast nbn, right?

      I believe the JB price is also only leading up to release - come release day the price goes up? Probably to $79, but still.

      The one I preordered at in store for $59 said it was in a box.

    Be warned apparently the pc version has 0 discs just a cd key on a bit of paper so be prepared for a 42gb dld...

    I bought from OzGameshop for PC, can confirm I received a photocopy of a bit of paper via email. I dont think they do physical copies for PC, it still worked so I'm not fussed.

    I can confirm that the physical PC version of Mass Effect: Andromeda does not contain a disc, just a digital download code.

    Wont be getting any money from me for releasing this abomination before it's finished!

    I'll keep playing ME2 for the second time.

    got my from greenmangaming the other day, recieved the key in an email last night so i can pre-load for midnight launch tonight. pretty good about $60AUD

    Got mine from OzGameshop for $52 (after using $10 worth of player points). Got my key early this morning but didn't check my email until I got to work so i'll have to start the preload tonight... should be ready to play by Friday night i guess since I'm a non-NBN pleb

    Please don't shill for G2A.. ever

    if i buy it from JB do i get the preorder bonuses, or are those only if you buy through origin?

    Last edited 22/03/17 11:05 pm

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