Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Mass Effect: Andromeda

If you’re looking to pick up a copy of Bioware’s latest space epic, here’s the cheapest copies you can find around the country and online.

JB Hi-Fi

PC: $59 PS4/XBO: $69

$59 for a retail copy on PC is a pretty good deal, considering EA are charging $89.99 through Origin for the standard edition.

Mighty Ape

PC/PS4/XBO: $69

Uniform price across all platforms, and parity with JB Hi-Fi on consoles.

The Gamesmen

PC/PS4/XBO: $78

Fairly standard for a AAA launch from The Gamesmen here. Worth noting that you probably won’t want to get the PC version: it’s a download code only, and the price doesn’t match up well against online retailers offering the same thing.

EB Games

PC: $89.95 PS4/XBO: $99.95

EB’s running a deal where you can get any version of the game for $59 if you trade in a PS4, XBO or Nintendo Switch game. Probably not a bad deal, as most people probably have a game or two they don’t play that they can offload.

Big W

(Online) PS4/XBO: $84 (In-store) PS4/XBO: $75

Press Start reported that Big W will be selling Andromeda for $75 in-store, but it’ll set you back $84 through their online store.

Origin (PC Only)

Standard Edition: $89.99 Deluxe Edition: $99.99 Super Deluxe Edition: $119.99

The only difference between the deluxe and super deluxe editions is a weekly multiplayer booster pack every week for 20 weeks, which seems a thorough waste of money. The deluxe edition comes with the soundtrack, a range of skins and weapons, and some booster packs on the side as well.


PS4/XBO: $79

Target Australia confirmed the price earlier this week via Twitter, as they often do. Fairly standard for a AAA game, really.

Harvey Norman

PS4/XBO: $69

Decent offer from old mate Gerry, here.


PC (Origin key): $67.99 PS4/XBO: $73.99

Decent offerings, but if you buy anything bar the Origin key you’ll have to factor in lengthy shipping time.


XBO/PS4 (US version): $79.71 PS4/XBO (Europe): $93


PC/PS4/XBO (download only): $78.11

Decent enough price for digital codes from Amazon. It’ll be fun to see how prices for keys change once Amazon opens up properly in Australia.


PC (Origin key): ~$66-70

For those that have no qualms about buying through marketplaces, you’ll have to fork out at least $66.


PC (Origin key): $61.18

Again, if you don’t mind venturing into this part of the internet you can save a few dollars (although the boxed offer from JB Hi-Fi is still cheaper).


PC (Origin key): ~$58-66

Not for everyone, but the price is pretty reasonable if you don’t mind buying from an aggregator.

So those are the cheapest copies of Mass Effect: Andromeda in-store and online. See a price you like, or are you holding off on Andromeda until later in the year?


    • It already is on the major storefronts, isn’t it? I know you’d be hard pressed to find a digital Xbox game cheaper than in store.

      • I usually get my steam/PC games cheaper than most places… but there is going to be a shake up soon with the gov making digital retailers put 10% on in end june…

        . still… like I have any money im australian!

  • I’ll be getting it from EB as usual. Girlfriend works there so price-match or staff discount. Whichever turns out to be cheapest.

  • GreenManGaming has it for (after conversion) about $60 AUD ($48 USD).
    You have to register an account to get that price, though the unregistered price is pretty marginal.

    • I’m showing a VIP price of $47.99, same as DrBoon above. Where are you seeing $44.50, did you apply a coupon?

      • Hmmm, I just logged in to gmg now, and it is 47.99. I could have sworn it was like $44.50 yesterday? I am sure of it actually… I worked it out, at an exchange rate of usd1:1.3aud to get to $58.

        • Weird, maybe they had a temporary discount. I preordered mine from them on the 28th of February and it was 47.99 then too. I was just curious if I missed a coupon or something to get the price down lower, gotta save those few extra dollars 🙂

  • Pretty sure the JBHIFI price is online only and they only ship you a download code. At least that’s what the website says. Happy to be wrong! Want to be wrong.

    • Makes sense in a way. Save money, you’re locked into origin anyway, and everyone has superfast nbn, right?

    • I believe the JB price is also only leading up to release – come release day the price goes up? Probably to $79, but still.

  • Be warned apparently the pc version has 0 discs just a cd key on a bit of paper so be prepared for a 42gb dld…

  • I bought from OzGameshop for PC, can confirm I received a photocopy of a bit of paper via email. I dont think they do physical copies for PC, it still worked so I’m not fussed.

  • I can confirm that the physical PC version of Mass Effect: Andromeda does not contain a disc, just a digital download code.

  • Wont be getting any money from me for releasing this abomination before it’s finished!

    I’ll keep playing ME2 for the second time.

  • got my from greenmangaming the other day, recieved the key in an email last night so i can pre-load for midnight launch tonight. pretty good about $60AUD

  • Got mine from OzGameshop for $52 (after using $10 worth of player points). Got my key early this morning but didn’t check my email until I got to work so i’ll have to start the preload tonight… should be ready to play by Friday night i guess since I’m a non-NBN pleb

  • if i buy it from JB do i get the preorder bonuses, or are those only if you buy through origin?

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