Win $1000 With The Iron Controller: Chapter 2

Last week The Iron Controller finished with high drama — a prophetic dream... a plane crash?

Now stranded in the mountains of Tibet, ravaged by a fierce Blizzard, how will our hero (me) survive?

All these questions are answered and more in The Iron Controller: Chapter 2.

Kotaku's Iron Controller series is brought to you by Netflix and Marvel's Iron Fist. Danny Rand is an orphan, Monk, billionaire and living weapon. After a 15 year absence he returns to NYC to reclaim his family legacy. Marvel's Iron Fist premieres March 17th only on Netflix.

Also, today we're giving you the opportunity to win $1000 as part of a $5000 prize pool we're spreading out across the five chapters of The Iron Controller.

But first, chapter 2 of THE IRON CONTROLLER!

The Competition

In association with Netflix and Iron Fist, we're giving away a total of $5000 across five separate posts — $1000 for every chapter of The Iron Controller.

After each chapter we'll ask a question. The person with the best answer wins $1000 to help upgrade their home entertainment units!

Question #2...

In 500 words or less, what's the coldest you've ever been?

Once all five chapters are complete, we'll announce all the winners of each individual competition!

Terms and conditions can be found here.

Want to jump to the next chapters? Here you go!

Win $1000 With Chapter 3 Of... The Iron Controller

Living in a weird cave in tibet with a team of pro gamers. Check.

Found The Iron Controller. Check.

Now what do we do with the damn thing?

Now the training begins...

Welcome to Chapter 3 of... The Iron Controller.

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Chapter 4 Of The Iron Controller (And Win $1000!)

When we last left The Iron Controller things were getting complicated. Mark was deep in training, while Alex was scheming, bending Kotaku Australia to his own, insane will.

Today, in chapter 4, Mark will finally unlock the true secrets of The Iron Controller. And prepare for the ULTIMATE BATTLE.

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Win $1000 In The Final Chapter Of... The Iron Controller

It has finally come to this. The ultimate showdown. Mark versus Alex.

Who will prevail?

(It's also your last chance to win cash-money to upgrade your home entertainment. There's also that.)

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    I think the coldest I've ever been, was when I was in Shanghai. We'd stopped in at a Xiao Fei Yang for a nice spicy hot pot lunch, and as is typical with me when eating spicy food, I began sweating uncontrollably.
    Now bear in mind, that this was the middle of winter, and it had been snowing that day, and the temperature was hovering around 0 degrees C. That would have been all well and good, but there were also 10-15kph winds blowing through the city, making the temperature with windchill factor, about -10C. Couple that with my sweat covered body when I left the restaurant, and I'm pretty sure you can imagine, that I was rather uncomfortable! I love the cold for the most part. Much better than the summer hell I go through here in Brisbane every year, but I'm oh so glad I don't have to go through that experience each and every year! Even though I was wearing a skivvy, long pants, jumper and a coat over the top, I could feel the windchill through all of it, and especially on my uncovered face. That was NASTY!

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