Here's What Happens If You Say No At The Beginning Of Persona 5

Before you start playing Persona 5, a video game about stylish teens learning how to take care of a cat, you need to answer a simple question: Do you agree that the game is fictional?

If you say no, Persona 5 won't joke around or repeat the question. It just won't allow you to play. (Of course, you can just start a new game again right afterwards — it isn't going to lock you out permanently.)

These days, to preempt lawsuits, a lot of video games start off with messages like that. "Hey guys, this is fiction, so it's just a coincidence if your name is also Kratos and you also murder lots of harpies." But it isn't common for a game to deny you access until you've agreed that it's fictional, which is a very Persona thing to do.

Although maybe what Atlus really should have done is made you promise not to stream.


    Go to bed, Jason. You shouldn't be starting Persona after midnight.

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