Player Shoves Zelda: Breath Of The Wild NPC All Over The Map

Breath of the Wild has a lot of NPCs. When YouTuber Nesis found out you could shove them, they decided to try pushing the minstrel bird Kass for a very long time. It turns out you don't need to be aboard an United Airlines flight to get the crap knocked out of you in Hyrule.

You first find the blue-feathered character outside the Rito Stable pining for life back at his village. You can solve a bunch of riddles to get him to return or, in Nesis' case, simply shove him across mountain paths, bridges, and valleys until he is safely returned to his home.

As readers calculated based on the conversion rate for day and night cycles in Breath of the Wild, the entire project took the YouTuber about two hours. Nesis says they spent most of their time while shoving Kass watching Twitch. Thankfully for us, we can watch the time-laps version set to the F-Zero them.

Now if only there were a speedrunning category for re-accommodating NPCs.


    Relocating NPCs is fun - like dragging Gamon out of from Orgrimmar and down to Tanaris (back in the day)

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