Surprise: Sega Releases Bayonetta On PC

Surprise: Sega Releases Bayonetta On PC

Bayonetta is out on PC today, following an April Fool’s joke and a teaser clockdown that led up to today’s surprise release.

The Steam release will cost you $US20 ($27) and run at 60fps at various HD resolutions, including 4K.


  • This game any good? i see people talking about it pretty often but it just looks so fan service-y and kinda all over the shop.

    • Yeah, it’s apparently got super good combat but is also super over the top. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, look at Mad Max Fury Road.

      It was big enough that Nintendo took on getting a sequel and upset a large amount of Xbox/PS fans.

      • I don’t know about a large amount. The reason Nintendo stepped in to fund the sequel was because Sega weren’t interested because the first one didn’t sell as well as expected.

        So those who liked it on PS3 /360 were probably upset, but there weren’t that many of them in the first place.

        • The sequel is a superior game to the original in every way, too. The original was already good but Bayonetta 2 was just another few steps above it. Kinda a shame that the only way to experience it right now is on Wii U, but maybe we’ll see a Switch port at some stage.

        • I think the first one sold pretty well – about a million on each platform – but whether that was enough to recoup development costs/please shareholders, who knows.

          Credit to Nintendo for funding the sequel, but it was really doomed to low sales as a result – Bayonetta was a lot of fun but I wouldn’t buy a console just to play it.

    • Out of context it looks like fan service, and I can’t tell if kamiya was taking the piss or just going for it, but the character actually makes it work from an angle of empowerment.

      It’s one of those social grey areas where Europe and Asia wouldn’t bat an eyelid, but America would lose its collective shit.

      But the gameplay is really very good, the music is good, and the design is fantastic.

      The way platinum raises the stakes throughout their games is amazing, they tend to start with the final boss in any other game, then go up from there!

      So be confident in your sexuality, and kill a buncha angels!

    • I couldn’t get into it, but you might?

      My friends bought the collector’s edition for my birthday, back at the end of 2009 (man I feel old). They knew I liked Devil May Cry style games, so they got it for me.

      It was… okay. Personally, I didn’t really like the story and the “fan service” is a bit much, in my opinion.

      However, a lot of people comment that the fan service is actually a good thing, e.g. empowerment, and that the character Bayonetta is oversexualized on purpose to essentially demonstrate Bayonetta’s confidence and power, and if people (males) are uncomfortable by that (because I certainly was when I fist played) then apparently, Bayonetta is doing her job right.

      The game play is good, but for me it just became a bit repetitive and a little too challenging for me… which is funny, considering how much I generally enjoy most Devil May Cry games as well as Dark Souls.

      Like I said though, I didn’t really enjoy Bayonetta’s story… and since I personally play mostly single player games, I need an engaging narrative to help carry me through the game. If I don’t like the game’s story, there’s a good chance I unfortunately won’t finish that game.

      You might like it. Bayonetta has generally received positive reviews and has a huge fan following. For twenty bucks on PC? Seems like a steal to me.

    • Yes it is very very good. It’s definently up there as one of my favourite games. The combat is balanced and executed perfectly and is a lot of fun. The only downside I had is it felt a little short and kinda like it was released before they added one or two more levels but that might have been just me wanting more of the perfect gameplay.

  • This game.

    I got my 360 late in the generation and downloaded dozens of demos, this was one of them.

    I went in, after trying whatever else I had been trying that day, and thought ‘this is alright’.

    I got the game, and even though I loved it I constantly felt disappointed my own in-game skills weren’t progressing.

    Years later, I got the sequel, the art book, and the OAV (do we still call them that?) anime movie.

    If you haven’t played it, you owe it to yourself to do so. There’s a wealth of literature on the game that makes for good reading but only when you are done with it. That doesn’t mean finish it.


  • If you liked the combat of ninja gaiden 1 & 2 and didn’t get a chance to play this when it first came out I recommend giving it a go.

  • A countdown timer that actually lead to something releasing instead of “We had a countdown to an announcement that this is coming out in 2 weeks” bull crap people usually pull, well done Sega and Platinum, will gladly triple dip on Bayo.

  • Is it a good port or another darks souls like effort? Or maybe like alone in the dark (2008) got a refund on that one.

    • its an excellent port, the only negative that Durante had was that the Frame rate is lock at 60fps and the cutscenes are locked 30fps, so you have a monitor thats capable of more its not going to take advantage of it.

      However it is priced at 20USD and it has excellent mouse and keyboard controlls, though the devs do say that its best to still use a controller (so did Durante). I however have been using M&K and have ben having a blast (though im not if i just suck more but the game definately seems harder on normal than it did when i played it on PS3 way back when)

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