That Feudal Japan Miniatures Game Just Raised $5.5 Million

Remember the fuedal Japan themed miniatures game that was being designed by the same guy who made Blood Rage? Its Kickstarter campaign has just came to a close, and it raised a lot of money.

The campaign had raised more than $5.5 million with half an hour to go, or $US4,208,009, from over 31,000 backers. That's a solid return from the original goal of $US300,000, although the success is understandable given the praise and high quality miniatures:

Images: Rising Sun Kickstarter

The objective of the game is to become the new Emperor through a series of political and war phases, with the whole game taking place over the course of a "year". There are five clans, each of which come with their own miniatures and abilities, as well as seven Kami. The Kami are basically gods, and will bestow various buffs on the players that praise them the most. Rising Sun has plenty of parallels with Blood Rage, as you'll see in the pitch video.

Having hit its target and then some, Rising Sun is scheduled to ship around April next year, with Australian backers expected to receive the game four to five weeks after the shipping process begins at the earliest.


    I was going to buy in, but I really don't like the designs. They feel pretty boring, but that might just be because I am half way through a Kingdom Death run.

      KD minis are awesome. I got one even though I don't play the game :-)

      That being said, I've got enough GW LotR minis, Reaper, Anima Tactics and GW 40K minis to keep me painting long past retirement.

        I have a Khador and Skaven army, the Skaven is a slave rat grinder (200 units). It is never getting painted. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them.

          I'd invest in some brown spray and start dunking those suckers in wash. My biggest nightmare would be a skeleton army. I remember way back in high school trying to paint my Deathwing terminators working up from a brown base. Ugh...

            Or you know, I could just knotch it up to a loss and sell it to someone in town. I just want to keep the monstrosity.

              What if I told you someone could paint them for you at a decent price but also decent quality?

                Hahaha not where I live man ;P

                  Interesting and where would that be if you mind me asking? If not that is cool.

                  Alice Springs.

                  I asked at the local Warhammer club, but upon seeing my skave rat masses everyone shivered and skulked back to their corners. I kid, but the prices were a fair amount more than I really wanted to spend.

    @vaegrand If you don't mind me asking how much were they charging? When you say 200 units is that 200 single models?

      Before elites, 200 slave rats.

        Hahaahaha yep that is a solid time investment, I mean I can batch paint 20 Clanrats in about 3 or 4 hours but man does it get monotonous. Thankfully I only had 100 of them to paint LOL. Now working on my Skaven Verminlord.

          Yeah man, its a grinder arny. I like the visual aspect of it, even if it sucks to use and paint.

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