The Slap, But Persona 5

This is some Inception shit. This has layers.

Remember The Slap? The book that became an Australian TV show?

Okay, do you remember the parody of the show?


Now meet the Persona 5 version of the parody of the show of the book. Glad we got that straight.

I haven't started playing Persona 5, but nothing has come closer to convincing me I need to start playing right away.


    Man I am itching to play Persona. got an EB gift voucher for my birthday - but not a single store anywhere near me has had stock for the last two weeks... it's ridiculous. They should be getting some next week they tell me...

    The characters (especially background characters) have such awful posture in Persona 5.

    This has blessed me in a way I never knew I needed until now.

    what did i do to deserve this treatment

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