This Overwatch Parody Of Moana's Your Welcome Is Lovely

Here's something to brighten your Monday: a lovely rendition of You're Welcome from Disney's Moana, with a twist of Overwatch.

YouTuber totalspiffage has a history of doing covers and parodies, recently singing Beneath the Mask from the Persona 5 soundtrack and an Overwatch parody of Adele's Hello.

Her latest is really well done though. It's You're Welcome, from the perspective of a Mercy player telling her team that it's OK, she'll heal everyone soon enough.

And if the team could stop charging forward all the bloody time, that'd be great.

Fun little fact: Dwayne Johnson's rendition of You're Welcome wasn't bad, but it's far from his best performance. If you haven't seen it, check out his spin on Sam Cooke's You Send Me for the Tonight Show several years ago.

Talented bloke.


    that was glorious.
    as a fan of both the game and the movie - well done to OP

    That was fantastic! I genuinely laughed out loud at a couple of the lines.

    Incorrect 'your' in the title.
    Don't thank're welcome.

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