Overwatch Fans Want Blizzard To Turn Junkrat Into A Bunnings Employee

Image: Change.org

This week the Overwatch Anniversary Event kicked off, giving fans a slew of fresh skins to spend their hard earned coins on. Not every character was blessed with new threads though, including our very own Junkrat. But since when has that stopped fans?

True blue Aussie hero Eric Lam has taken matters into his own hands by starting a change.org petition, aimed at Blizzard VP Jeff Kapalan, for Junkrat to be bequeathed with a Bunnings Uniform skin, complete with a sausage snag launcher.

This may be the most Australian thing to have ever happened in games.

After quelling some of the international rumours surrounding alleged Australia past times, Lam goes on to eloquently describe what makes the Bunnings sausage sizzle important to us Aussies.

Who can argue with that?

Lam goes on to describe the particulars of his proposed Junkrat skin, including some of the bells and whistles.

At the time of writing the petition had been live for roughly 18 hours and had almost 600 signatures. I for one hope it hits it 1000 signature goal and gets the attention of Blizzard, even if it is just for laughs.

I do wonder though, will fans be divided when it comes to snag gun sauce choices? Tell us your choice below.

Update: As of this morning the petition is roughly 50 "siggies" away from hitting 1500. STREWTH!

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    I signed it. Of course I did.


      Correct life choice.

        I really wanna see him in the uniform. A nice little inside joke for the aussies

    The thing is with sauce is that they only ever have Masterfoods tomato or BBQ. Masterfoods BBQ sauce is shit, you want the ETA stuff. So when at Bunnings you can't eat the sausages, because they're most likely shit from Coles/Woolworths (or worse, VEGAN!), and you can't make them better with ETA BBQ (because it's a BBQ sanger for christ sake) so you dodge it all and fang it to your local butcher for the good shit.

      This has to be the most Aussie thing I've read all day.
      *wipes away proud tear*

      Depends on the charity running it. We have a charity that does every Thursday and Friday so if you requested a different sauce, they'd probably get it in

      ETA sauce, wow. They seem to be uncommon these days (at least around my area).

    The only thing that would make it better if it made rip-tyre into a mini remote control ute that does doughies towards the other team while you can hear the omnipresent chant of "Thunder! Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!"

    Last edited 25/05/17 8:12 pm

    How could I not sign this?

    I just hope they don't put in "Bunnings Warehouse" into Google Translate and get some weird translation in American and add that to his outfit.

    It has to happen! It's a bit of a feelsbadfam moment when you realize Junkrat doesn't even have an Australian skin... He's Australian... But apart from his voice you wouldn't know at all! It's blasphemy!

    Yeah unlikely to happen. The uniform and likeness is most likely copyrighted by Bunnings making blizzard unlikely to put in the effort for 1 skin.

      It's unlikely to happen, but not because of any sort of copyright issue. If they were to do it they'd alter the appearance just enough to get by any such problems.

      I base this simply off the fact there are many skins in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm that have quite obviously taken influence from other properties that they do not own.

        Those skins did not have as much attention behind getting them made. Even if they alter the skin. As soon as its made Bunnings will know and could potentionally take action.

          The attention or influence behind something being made is of little consequence so long as its not a blatant copy. If that was how it worked then nobody would ever be able to have designs that clearly take influence from other things in existence.

          As long as they're not blatantly ripping off the uniform logo and all then Bunnings wouldn't be able to do anything. On top of which the uniform isn't exactly unique, a shirt and apron is something hardware store chains have done for years.

            True, But this is all theoretical after all. Who knows how Wesfarmers (Owner of bunnings) would react.

              IMO, if I was bunnings, I'd just see it as free advertising. Each their own I guess.

          Something something parody laws?

            Which are not applicable when its being used in a commerical product.

              I would question that but a cursory google brings up far too many words for me to bother with.

    I was just chatting with someone and we came up with the idea that they need to make him a beach bum skin, thongs, boardies, the hat with the corks hanging off it, zinc across his nose.

      AFL supporter skin =P

    Seriously? Bunnings?

    Edited for clarity.

    Last edited 27/05/17 8:17 am

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