Overwatch Hits 30 Million Registered Players

Image: Blizzard

Overwatch recently hit 30 million players, not even a year after its release last May. It's a damn good game, and Blizzard should feel good about it.

Of course, the figure says little about how many active players the game has, but I'm willing to bet it's extremely healthy as well. Not only did it just unveil its Uprising event, but player interest in the game has seemed steady. It's weathering the onslaught of great 2017 releases almost as well as the untouchable games like LoL, DOTA 2, and Counter-Strike: GO.

With probably three new maps to be released this year, players can enjoy the confidence of their game being continually supported as well. Game director Jeff Kaplan has said the team will be bringing out new heroes at a slower rate, but that's a deliberate logistics and design choice, and probably a good thing.


    I was really unimpressed with Overwatch. I tried it on a free weekend a while ago and got bored after three rounds. Not enough abilities per character and they didn't change and weren't customisable. Also I think skins in an FPS is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.

      You sound like a fun guy.

        More fun than Overwatch. I listed some legitimate points of criticism and get downvotes. In other FPS you can at least pick up new weapons, develop skills etc. Overwatch you've got everything out of the box and there isn't much to it.

      I'm not sure what kind of game you were expecting, but team shooters don't typically have changeable abilities within a class or many abilities per character. Did you confuse the game with a MOBA or something?

      it seems like you are expecting an fps version of WoWs battlegrounds and arena. I really think OW hits the sweet spot with the amount of abilities and I think skins are a refreshing idea.

    30 million players for a full-priced game is outstanding, that puts it in the top 15 selling games of all time, an impressive feat considering it's only been out for 12 months.

    REGESTED. Remeber that guys. 30million REGESTED players.

    How many of them are still active?

    How many of them are possibly banned players with new accounts?

    Regested dose not mean anything theses days. Show me 30 mill active players in the past month, and then I will be impressed.

      A game having 30 million active players would be quite a feat! Yes there are probably a very small number of re-reg's (surely under 100,000), but either way they ended up buying the game twice. 30 million registered players means 30 million sales, which is pretty insane.

      Registered still means they have to have purchased the game. You cant have a registered Overwatch account without having purchased it.

      How anally retentive are you?

      Last edited 01/05/17 10:20 pm

        Are you sure? What about those that played on free weekends like me and never picked it up again.

          There was only one free weekend back in November last year, and the player count was roughly 22 million at the time. They announced 25 million in January.


      Not sure what that means...

        Yeah 30 million sitting in the blizzard app..

    old school quake 2/3 player here.
    is it any good or is everyone just jumping on the hype train?

    I've not played this, is it just like a shiny version of Team Fortress?

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