Steam Just Began A Big Star Wars Sale Ahead Of May The Fourth

Image: Valve

Load up Steam right now, and you'll find some decent deals on Star Wars games, including many favourites, and one giant package with silly value.

There are many good and many bad Star Wars games. If one were a newcomer to gaming and an... Oldcomer? To Star Wars, it would be very confusing what to buy. I'll put a few of the decent ones below, but as always, point your fellow Kotakuers to some good deals if you spot them.

There's a ridiculous Star Wars Complete Collection on offer, with supposedly $USD272.76 worth of games going for $USD18.13. It's mostly old stuff, but some of it is good old stuff.

You know what, looking back on it, I didn't actually mind Empire at War that much. It didn't get the best reviews on release, including from myself, but dammit it's an RTS that lets you command your snowspeeders to take down AT-ATs. It's going for $USD4.99.

The beloved Knights of the Old Republic games are there as well, for $USD2.49 each. It might look a bit dated now, but this is some of the best Star Wars RPG action you'll find, and I guess they might not be canon anymore, but you owe it to yourself to meet fan-favourite characters like HK-47.

Other games going for less than $USD5 are LEGO Star Wars (lots of fun), The Force Unleashed 2, X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter, and all of the pinball games. Also, how about that Rogue Squadron?

And hey, while you're enjoying some Star Wars gaming time, another great idea is the Star Wars mod for Sins of a Solar Empire.

May the fourth be with your wallet.


    At the time of this post this article appears to be incorrect for Australian Steam users.

      The discount is available, it's just not on the home page yet. You can search "Star Wars complete collection" to find it.

      I got the deal. It's correct. Even adjusts the price if you own some of em. Mine only cost me 17.20US

    gog has a star wars sale as well I noticed, its just a pity i've spent all my geek allowance this month............bloody warhammer being expensive.

    Tempted by some of them but I also know if I bought them I would never go back and play them. Games like Jedi academy were amazingly good, but games progress and think they will underwhelm on a replay.
    Although I will probably pickup the new pinball tables

    Damn - Should of grabbed it. May of been a bug/error? The discount has dropped to -78% (I'm looking at nearly $60USD to get it now)

    Shouldn't of decided I need to think about it

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