Bad News Everyone, We’re Getting A Blade Runner 2049 Game

Bad news? How could a video game based on the upcoming sequel to everyone’s favourite cyberpunk flick be considered ill tidings? Well, it’s not a PC game. It’s not a console game. Yes, that’s right, it’ll be a mobile game. I don’t want to pass judgement prematurely, but things haven’t gotten off to a good start.

The press release for the game does little to raise one’s hopes. For one thing, the section describing the production company, Alcon Entertainment, takes up half the word count and doesn’t mention the game at all.

And the announcement itself? Well, that’s all it is. No details about what type of game it’ll be, no tentative release date. While we can guess it’ll be available for iOS, there’s nothing about platforms either.

There’s an image, though.

Look, I know it’s important to get the word out as soon as possible, but maybe next time do it with a bit more about the game? Thanks!

Alcon Entertainment and Next Games partner to create Blade Runner 2049 mobile game [Alcon Entertainment]

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