How Many Games Do You Have On Steam?

The size of my Steam library is ... a little scary these days. It's kind of daunting whenever the question of "what would I like to play" comes into my head, because there are so many choices. Like, way too many choices.

According to my Steam profile, I have around 390 games in my personal library, which isn't too bad. I've purchased the vast majority of those; I still buy more games in a year than I get for free, mostly because it's more convenient and I like the idea of appreciating developers where I can. That's especially true for a lot of retro games that I played as a kid that weren't stocked in local game stores, as anyone who spent a lot of time around abandonware will remember.

In the early days of Steam sales, it was really easy to build up your library too. Flash sales for big collections like Quake, retro bundles for Sierra games, Star Wars packages and so on. And as the years passed, you had things like Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars, and other charity offerings get into the mix.

So it's not that uncommon to have hundreds and hundreds of games in your Steam library. But I'm curious. How many games do you have in your bank - and how many of those have you actually played?


    215ish Have played around 150 of them. Nothing compared to some guys I used to work with they where in the 1000s

    1000+ with 72% unplayed apparently. Time to re-evaluate some life choices!

    378 in mine, which is... quite a bit higher than I thought. I expected it to be around 300.

    I've probably played about 20% of them. That includes a bunch that Steam says I've played for about 0.2-0.5 hours, which hardly counts as playing, but it doesn't include some older games like Half-Life 2. Either Steam didn't log play time in its first few years, or I lost my play time counts in a disastrous PC migration a number of years ago - I lost all of my save files, through my own stupidity.

    I haven't bought anything for a while, and at one point I made a concerted effort to get through more of my library by using How Long To Beat to find out which would take less time to finish. I realised the futility of that, though, and nowadays I just play whatever I think I'll enjoy most (a little while ago I started to play The Witcher - the first one - for the first time, with the intention of going all the way through the series. That'll take months, if not years, at the rate I go).

    about 250

    i blame bundle sites like humblebundle and indiegala. most of the time i only want like one or two games but why pay full price on steam when you can get 5 for 10 bucks

    i've discovered some interesting games though so i'm not fussed at the end of the day heh

      Same here Humble Bundle is a majority of my library of 200

    Apparently I've got 211 game with 49% of them unplayed. 58 of the games that I have played only been played for 3 hours or less.

    Low hundreds.

    My 'history' with Steam coincides with my return to PC gaming after giving it up in the 90s. I've 'only' been on Steam about nine or ten years really, and it's never been the be-all and end-all for me on the PC platform.

    The majority of my library I've played, but the ones I have not 'at all' would probably be grouped into the number of games I've booted up to only see how they look (ie Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Age of Mythology) or if they can actually run (Fallout New Vegas).

    Steam's a different beast, now, especially for Aussie customers. I can't avoid using it as much as I used to, plus it's always getting a lot of older generation console games that I either owned or wanted to own.

    I only buy games I want to play then and there on Steam... so around 100, and very high % of played.

    I currently have 431. Obviously I haven't played them all, but I intend to! There's probably only 30 games in there that I'm not terribly interested in that I got from bundles etc.

    Somewhere around 400. I'd say about a quarter of that is collateral purchases from bundles and packs and beta versions, etc.

    I have 5:
    1. Team Fortress 2
    2. Civilization V
    3. Dawn of War II
    4. Total War Napoleon
    5. Portal.

    (don't ask me about my console game collection though)

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      We don't have to. It shows up on Google Maps.


        It does what now!?

          Sorry, your collection doesn't show on Google Maps.

          I get the measurement from NASA to check every time they send up a satellite.


            LOL! Actually my collection does appear on Darkadia ( ) , so I wouldn't be surprised if it did appear on Google maps... or Google something! :-)

              [Finds a lost piece of Star Wars footage.]

              Obiwan Kanobi: "That's no moon. That's Zambayoshi's game collection."

              And that's my last gag. Thanks for the laughs.

              I don't want to sound crazy but its really upsetting me that all the boxes are different sizes.

      To be fair, that's a pretty damn good selection of 5...

    2,784. Alot of this is from gigantic publisher packs back in the day (i.e. I may have gotten a pack mostly for Flatout 1 & 2, but it also came with Jojo's Fashion Parade 1 & 2).

      Don't lie, you had your eye on Jojo's Fashion Parade 2 all along.

        Haha, I have played it. Figure I couldn't let a gem like that go unplayed :P.

      Jeebus. Why?

        Twelve years is alot of steam sales... lol.

        Also, you forget the days between 2007-2010 when publishers would give you every one of their games for like $50-$100. It was insane.

        Add on top now we have Humble Bundles and Bundle Stars, and a single game will be cheaper than retail (but also give you a bunch of others).

          I think about 80+% of my 400 games would be from either Humble Bundle or Bundle Stars.

      Beaten, and a bit late to the party, but I still look to be coming 2nd in this thread at the time of posting with 2,268+DLC.

      83% (1,944) never played.

      So many cheap game bundles, so little time to play them!

      Weirdly, the 5-6 games I play most regularly are free to play. Go figure.

    137 with 71% played. Given that most of the unplayed games were bundled in with Humble Indie Bundle purchases or Steam deals I'd probably raise that to ~80% played out of the games I actually wanted to buy. I don't much like having a pile of shame to dig through, so that ~20% kind of bugs me.

    I have a little over 100 games. I haven't really bought much in the last couple years. Generally if a big AAA title comes out, I take a look at everything I haven't played and usually talk myself out of buying it knowing I'm probably just wasting my money. As far as steam sales go, there hasn't been much of interest pop up in steam sales for me for quite some time.

    229, with 42 installed. Most of them indies, and most of them rogue-lites.
    I tend to only buy on sales that I try not to go nuts on and I always have a constant wishlist on the go to keep track of things like that.

    I have around 200 which is a fair amount I reckon for someone who plays on a Mac. Some have really high hours in them (over 1000 in TF2) and others I have barely played. The vast majority were bought back when Steam had decent sales or from the humble bundle. I'm mostly patient enough to wait for a good sale on something I want. Everything goes on sale eventually.

    Except, Rimworld. Dammit.

    628 games owned, with 52% untouched and 5k hours of game time.

    The pile of shame is too real.

    My Steam e-peen is about....OH, I mean my Steam GAME collection is about....
    363 with ....130 under what I've called my "Finished and done with!" category, never to be played again.
    66 in my "Hidden" category....shame pile, those ones I regretted buying or found boring.

    Aaaaand...another 89 on my wish list, which I've vowed NOT to purchase regardless of steam sale or not, until I've finished the games I currently own.

    I have about 5-10 on other platforms

      Come now you should know that steam e-peen is your steam level or the number of achievements.
      I recently made a rule that my wishlist couldn't go over 100 for similar reasons. Had some on there that I was interested in but never going to actually get around to buying. So when the next big shiny comes along I have to delete something from the list.
      Hell my backlog is so big I actually have added f2p games to my wishlist so I might get around to them one day and don't want to forget them.

    283. Mostly bundles, my steam account is pretty much owned by the missus now, the only thing I really play on steam these days is Civ.

    About 400 games. Only installed and played about 40. Most are from Bundles, so it's easy to rack up a big library when you can get 10+ games for under $5.

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