Impa Photoshoot Proves Australia Is Basically Hyrule

Impa Photoshoot Proves Australia Is Basically Hyrule

Before time began, before spirits and life existed, three golden goddesses created the land we know as… uh… Australia.

Maybe Hyrule Warriors wasn’t the best Zelda game ever, but its design riff on Skyward Sword’s Impa makes for a great cosplay — even more so when it’s shot in such a majestic location.

Aussie cosplayer K shot these photos in the pristine Victorian wilderness with photographer Trung Do Photography and assistant Blair Cosplay, and it sounds like the shoot was an adventure and a half. From K:

We traveled over 2& ½ hours and walked 40 minutes to the waterfall location. It was raining and stormy when we arrived but we pressed on, I got dressed in the rain under a fern-tree (still got wet…) and the photographers huddled under 1 umbrella and the reflector. Just as I finished, it stopped raining! Many memories were made of bouldering/rock climbing, wading in the water, balancing on mossy rocks next to a waterfall and evading falling trees (2 huge trees fell on the spot where the first photo was taken 0_0)

Worth it.


    • Probably for the same reason we don’t have King K. Rool, or Isaac, or Krystal, or Samurai Goroh, or Dixie Kong, or Paper Mario… or frickin’ Waluigi!

      • I understand all those characters may deserve a mention but you didn’t really answer the question.

        Yes I realise I’m being a bit of a prick responding like this

        • Yeah, sorry. I did kinda answer with a non-answer.
          It’s just that Nintendo still has so many candidates for Smash that of course certain options that seem best to us may not be at the top of their list.
          Like I really want to see Krystal in Smash as a first-party edition. With her staff she’d have a unique moveset and would mean we’d have a character from StarFox that isn’t a Fox clone. But whilst she may be my top pick for an addition, others will have different favourites.

          • Yea all good and I completely agree with your choice. I’m ok with them not adding to many characters in cos I don’t want the roster becoming to bloated. Like I said I was just being a bit of a prick with my initial reply.

  • You’ve obviously never been to Australia because it doesn’t even remotely resemble the landscapes of Hyrule, which are clearly inspired by Britain and Western Europe. The location these pictures are taken in is hardly representative of the Australian landscape, that rainforest could be anyway. Incredibly lame and pointless article, but hey, you got paid right?

  • I’m pretty sure there’s an area in Breath of the Wild where they have legit used Kookaburra sounds in the ambience, so it checks out.

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